Discover how exciting the interpretation of your dreams can be and what they have planned for you, when we dream of a cage a million meanings you can obtain, but what does it really mean to dream of them? This can represent the fears you have of closed spaces, as well as that feeling of being trapped in a situation and not knowing what to do. Do you dare to find out with us all the variants of meanings that exist of this dream?

Meaning of dreaming about a cage

In general, cages are a protagonist in the dreams of many people, not because of the number of times that person can dream of them, but because of the number of people who have dreamed of cages at least once in their lives.

Dreaming of cages has a variety of meanings depending on what role the cage plays and what you do in dealing with it, meanings that are often not expected. That is why below we have given ourselves the task of explaining a little what it means to dream of cages compared to the variety that your dreams may present.

  • Dream of an open cage.

This represents the way in which we face our problems before the world. If you dream of several open cages it means that you are a great dreamer, idealist and a great adventurer, but if you dream that the cages are closed it means that you are an indecisive person and you find it very difficult to solve certain problems in your life.

  • Dream of a big cage.

When you dream of a large cage this indicates that you are a sociable, cheerful person who likes to go out with friends, take time and relax with loved ones. On the other hand, if you dream that the cage is small, it represents a problem in your life, something that fills you with anguish and that does not have a clear ending.

  • Dreaming of a cage where you are trapped.

This dream has an important meaning since it involves your work life, when these dreams appear they represent that feeling of not feeling valued at work and that you are lacking to have more responsibilities within it, that is why it is important to take action on the matter and talk with your bosses to propose a job promotion.

  • Dreaming of a cage from which we escape.

This dream brings a good omen because if you dream that you escape from a cage, whatever the way it may be, it means that you are ready to live new experiences in your life and that you find yourself freeing yourself from all those feelings that made you feel in captivity, such as It also represents that you are ready to make new commitments at the level of personal relationships.

  • Dreaming of a cage that is reducing in size.

This is one of the cage dreams that is presented as worrisome, and can even leave you with a feeling of claustrophobia in your chest. In general, having these dreams is related to your anxieties, those that accompany you on a day-to-day basis, and their meaning is an indication that you have to find ways to end those daily anguishes that are cornering you inside.

  • Dreaming of a cage and a family member or friend inside it.

This type of dreams appears when you feel that you are distancing yourself from people who are important in your life, but in general the person who is caged is not the same person from whom you would be distancing yourself in real life, so I recommend you evaluate the situation very well when analyzing that dream.

Dreaming that a person you love is in a cage and you cannot free him or get close to him or her is also a sign that you miss him, it can be a deceased family member or friend or simply a loved one who has gone on a trip. .

Cage dream conclusion

            You will have already realized the variety of results that you can obtain from the interpretation of a dream, dreaming of cages is, as we have already pointed out, very common among people and contrary to what many think; it doesn’t always have to do with feeling frustrated or locked in.

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