We have all experienced it, the truth is that it is the most unexpected moment of the day, it happens without realizing it, we begin to live a desired moment, like that girl who attracts our attention so much and we imagine that she is surrendered at our feet. But in the end it is only a dream, that you did it with your eyes open.

Nobody saw you calm, that face of looking at nothing happens to all of us. Daydreaming is dissociating from reality for a certain time, where the person has moments of gratification, like a visual fantasy.

Meanings of daydreaming

Daydreaming does not indicate that it is bad, a person who frequents doing this type of moment, is a person who has many aspirations and is always in those moments to long for and especially to see himself in the future at the moment he wants so much.

Daydreaming is not a bad thing, but if you are one of those people who at any time you spend it clueless or being in limbo dreaming all kinds of things, you could hurt yourself or many people, for example if you drive and start doing it, that Yes it would be very serious, but the rest to dream is free, for the rest there is a master card.

Is daydreaming beneficial?

It is a double-edged sword, I already told you that daydreaming is an activity that we do not normally decide to do just because, but it usually appears without realizing it, and it is when we realize that we are finished dreaming, that we were daydreaming.

Have you seen those people who stare at a fixed point while you are on the street detailing people? Well that person is daydreaming. It is important that the person who does it does not lose the notion of what real life is and the hallucination that this type of dream does.

Daydreaming is a way to recreate those moments that we want to live so much at a certain moment in our lives, it is exciting to live that perception that the mind gives us, sometimes it can be so real that we can be confused and sometimes even embarrassed in public so, Better be very careful what you dream of.

Imagine winning a great prize, where you earn a lot of money, or you are the most popular person in your university or they give you the best position in your company, it sounds gratifying, thinking about it gives us pleasure to see each other in those great moments, but hey nothing better than living it in reality and daydreaming will not make it happen.

Just kidding, we are all people and we have aspirations in our lives, nothing better than dreaming a little and seeing each other in the moments we most want to live, luckily thinking is free and it is something that no one can invade, until you meet someone who loves you. can read minds and there you will not be able to daydream in a calm way.

This type of activity for many scientists is usually a syndrome, because they say that frequent daydreaming can make the person begin to perceive the dream more than reality to the point of being able to confuse it.

When daydreaming we cannot be focused on our activities, which negatively compromises us in our work or with the people around us, like those times when we daydream in the middle of a super important math class that you should not miss for anything in the world. And yes, the mind did its own thing.

Conclusion of daydreaming

Dreaming can be addictive for certain people, so much so that there have been cases in which people prefer to live daydreaming before socializing, going out, studying, working, simply doing any activity of daily life.

The only difference is that this type of person knows the difference between reality and that of the dream, which can play with it or leave it when required, on the other hand, a person with some type of disorder does not realize the great differences that these entail, as for example a schizophrenic.

It also serves as a method to dissociate from the problems of daily life, which tend to engulf the person and only avoid these problems, but not face or solve them.

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