dream of someone

Although we dream a lot, we remember little, however, remembering who we dream of can help us to know what meaning the dream hides. Whether it is a dream in which a friend, your platonic love or an acquaintance appears, it has a meaning that will surprise you and will allow you to know your future and even your emotional state.
Be that as it may, these dreams have a meaning. Here are some of the most common cases. Although it is likely that you will not find your dream in particular, try to expand your situation and look for the category that best suits your case. You may not like what you find, because the interpretation of dreams does not seek to raise morale but to analyze the messages of the subconscious to find out what they want to tell us.

Meaning of dreaming about another person

  • Dreaming of someone who does something wrong can be quite complex. If that person deliberately does something wrong, because he wants to, it is because you fear discovering something that you will not like. On the other hand, if that person does something wrong caused or forced by a third party, it is because you do not dare to face your own problems. In both cases it is a lack of courage, of accepting the situation and learning to react. Life will give you many surprises, good and bad, assume it and everything will be much better for you.
  • If dreaming you experience the desire to kill someone, it is because you really find that person unbearable. What this dream reflects is the desire to transfer all your problems and negativity onto that person. It is very unpleasant and so much contempt is bad for both parties. It is very likely that that person feels the same contempt for you, so the best way to end this uncomfortable situation is to forget and ignore if necessary.
  • When the dream becomes a real drama and you are involved in a period of mourning for the death of someone, it is because you need to release your anguish. It may be due to the loss of a loved one in reality or to severe pain caused for any other reason. What your mind reflects through this suffering is the need to face the problem and express all the anguish and pain. This is because you have probably tried to make yourself strong and have hidden your true emotions.
  • Wanting to kiss someone in a dream the person you like is a sign of progress. In addition to the obvious meaning of love, we can interpret this act as an act of reconciliation. If you have recently argued with that person and you have longed to kiss them in dreams, it is because you are looking for peace. What you must do is bury the hatchet, admit your possible mistakes or arm yourself with patience and fix the situation.
  • If you manage to kiss your loved one, you love them more than you think. In dreams many times there are insinuations, flirting, but what are real kisses is not as common as it may seem. When you dream that you kiss someone, it means that you love them madly. You would like to spend the rest of your life with that person and grow old in their company.
  • Another variant is to dream of a special person , a person that you like. In this case, it is someone who has penetrated deep into you, although you still do not know exactly what will happen. Your subconscious is showing you the concern you have about not knowing if that relationship has any future, because it is not entirely clear.

Conclusion of dreaming about someone

Finally, if dreaming you discover the presence of a person in your house, it means that your emotions are too obvious. You should start to control yourself and know how to hide your feelings a little better, since this little transparency problem turns you into cannon fodder. Do not put yourself in evidence anymore and measure your words in front of people who can hurt you.

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