Dreaming of farewells on many occasions means that we will not receive good news, this may be the breakdown of a relationship due to not having a path or common senses, there is no love between the couple or a short separation, due to travel, moving to another city or state. for various circumstances.

Although not everything is bad, if we dream that we say goodbye to our home it means that we will soon have a move or a trip, which gives us positive experiences in our lives and changes for the better are coming.

Meaning of dreaming about farewells

  • Farewell to a relative, this indicates positive changes, moving, travel, this if in the dream we say goodbye with joy, when we say goodbye with sadness this indicates an omen in our environment.
  • Farewell to the couple, when we say goodbye to our partner in a dream, it indicates that the relationship is not on the right track, either due to deception, lack of affection. If our partner says goodbye in an unloving or affectionate way, this shows us the hypocrisy that we go through with our friends.
  • Saying goodbye to an enemy or a former friend, this indicates that positive changes will come to our lives. We release toxic people and situations for joys, personal growth, solutions to the problems we face.
  • Say goodbye to multiple people, having this dream if people are sad is not good news, this tells us that we will not solve our problems, we will not be able to carry out our projects no matter how hard we try.
  • Saying goodbye to a person you haven’t seen for a long time , this means reuniting with old friends or family who don’t frequent much or have a long time without seeing or speaking.
  • Say goodbye to parents, this expresses our desire to become independent, although it can also indicate serious illnesses or adversities throughout life, depending on whether we say goodbye with joy or sadness.
  • Saying goodbye to an elderly person means guilt for the bad habits that we present, which do not benefit us in any way.
  • Farewell party, this means that we will soon achieve our wishes and achieve all our goals successfully.
  • Farewell between lovers, this could mean loyalty, however the way to say goodbye with a goodbye or goodbye could mean omen and loss of a loved one. If we hear that they say goodbye to us, it means that difficulties and adversities are far from our lives.
  • Say goodbye to a crowd, this means that you are not satisfied with the people around you, it may be because of their way of expressing themselves, acting, even their educational level or social position. Seek to improve yourself in all those areas.
  • Saying goodbye to your native country is a way to say goodbye to problems, although this dream is not always good, since we say goodbye to our land, this can be interpreted as an earthly farewell or death.
  • Saying goodbye to children, this shows how we do not feel about our family, leaving unfinished business with them which drives us away.
  • Saying goodbye to a public figure, this indicates our dissatisfaction in our current environment, we deal with unpleasant or toxic people, making us feel dissatisfied with our environment.
  • Saying goodbye to an animal or pet, when we have these types of dreams are pleasant news, since we will meet people we love and stop seeing for various situations, although we could also meet a person with whom they had a bad experience , being an unpleasant encounter, where they can improve or worsen the situation.

Conclusion of dreaming about goodbyes

Farewells are not easy for most people, especially when it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one or a highly valued friend. These dreams usually scare people because they think they will lose their friends, but (although in a few cases it is true) it does not really mean that literally.

It can mean the loss of a childhood emotion or something special that has been inside you all your life up to that moment.

By having all these aspects clear, we can prevent many unpleasant situations or know how to act in those cases that are unavoidable and very unpleasant, such as death or frustration at not being able to conclude with our problems or projects, which we have invested a lot of time, energy and even money to get away with it as soon as possible.

With this type of dreams we can prevent diseases since by having a vision where it predicts us we can carry out checks on ourselves as well as on our relatives and partners.

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