In recent years, various interpretations have been made of the dreams we have on a daily basis. Dreaming of a gun, even if it doesn’t seem like it, can become more common than you think, and it has different interpretations and messages that can clarify certain situations in our lives.

In themselves, pistols are something that undoubtedly causes us a lot of fear, because from past times they have been used for the purpose of murder and as a symbol of power, of course, a negative power when they are not used properly. Psychologists indicate that those who most dream of guns are men.

meaning of dreaming about guns

The pistols since they were created were used to harm others, which is why today whoever owns one, somehow earns the respect of those around him. Human beings by nature have dreams when we are sleeping, which are interpreted in different ways, depending on the object with which we dream.

Dreaming of pistols in general can show the fear that we feel deep down to be robbed and of course, the need to feel safe and protected. Although it is true, these types of dreams have many variants depending on the elements that influence it.

It should be noted that dreams can have different meanings and interpretations for those who study this. The curiosity on the part of the human being to know everything is something that characterizes us as beings that reason and although it is impossible to know everything, thanks to professionals who are dedicated to this, we can know the different meanings.

Dreaming of guns is an indication that the dreamer has an alteration in his nervous system and obviously fears that he may present a conflict that puts his physical integrity or that of those around him, usually his loved ones, at risk.

This type of dream is very common in men who do not want to participate in some military conflict. On the other hand, there are the small pistols, which symbolize that fear that we are victims of some robbery or that our enemies attack us and we end up losing valuable personal items.

Women who dream of guns have as their meaning the relationship that exists with the family. It should be clear that dreaming of guns symbolize violence, fights, totally unfair competition in the commercial sphere, in the same way they represent envy and betrayals.

To dream that we were injured with a gun means that someone close to us could die, it should be noted that many people say that this also represents someone’s betrayal of us, but this happens if instead of being injured with a gun, they hurt us with a knife.

Now, seen from the other side, that is, dreaming of guns and that we are the ones who shoot someone, means that we will have serious problems of various kinds, but mostly judicial or legal.

To dream that the gun is ours, means that we are people of bad character and without a doubt this can lead to serious problems. If in the dream we simply see how someone shoots the gun, this symbolizes that we are getting involved in problems that do not concern us, that is, they are not ours.

The bullets from the pistol also have a meaning, which is that our interests could be harmed by people who are close to us. Although it seems implausible, dream with guns toy also has a meaning, which is that our subconscious indicates that even if we want to protect our loved ones, we are not able to do everything.

On the other hand, there are the squirt guns, which indicate that we are people little given to solving problems. This seen from the point of view that problems escape our hands like the water that comes out of the gun.

Paintballs indicate that we want to pass on our responsibilities to third parties, although dreaming that we play paintball indicates that we have a good friendship relationship with our friends or those who are in the dream.

Conclusion of dreaming with Gun

Generally when dreaming about guns , it means something totally negative. It is like a warning that a moment of tension is approaching or some fight that will bring strong consequences. It is up to us to understand these notices and take them as advice to try to correct mistakes or improve certain aspects of our lives.

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