The dream of suicide translates as words of self – destructive and so the dream captures this kind of thinking as he acted stupidly and this would end badly. For that reason suicide indicates that someone was his worst enemy, his actions ended in disaster just like the actions of a suicide.

As we know suicide is a totally voluntary act in which death itself is sought, some people see suicide as a courageous action, but others consider it as cowardice. But in this article we will explain the meaning of this dream.

meaning of dreaming about suicide

The meaning of dreaming about suicide reflects that the dreamer makes it clear that he is an easy person to influence, it is also a spiritual dream and most of the time it is not related to a similar event in real life.

In the same way, suicides in dreams reflect control and power, if they fantasize about suicide this reveals the self-destructive thoughts that the person has and that they must learn to put them aside.

Explanation of dreaming about suicide of another person

The explanation of dreaming about suicide of another person shows the dreamer in real life who thinks about committing suicide and is trying his best to get that idea out of his head.

In the same way as it is another person who is committing suicide, it makes it clear that the person is totally influenced by all the individuals around him.

Interpretation of dreaming about a friend’s suicide

As for the meaning of dreaming about a friend’s suicide , it is related to concern for that person, it also indicates the great love felt for them, but lives with the anguish of their possible loss. And that anxiety creates dependency that in the end is not good for anyone.

If you dream about the suicide of your best friend, explain how essential that person is for the dreamer, since he is an honest person, he usually worries a lot about the problems of others. This being negative, because he puts aside his own problems to solve that of others.

Explanation of dreaming about suicide of a brother

Dreaming of a brother’s suicide symbolizes that it is not a matter of worrying but rather of taking care of yourself, because it is not an indication that it can happen if it is not a call to a more real and less figurative proximity. If the suicide has been very violent, it indicates the presence of problems with that brother.

But on the other hand, seeing a brother commit suicide means that the dreamer is going through a difficult stage with his family, the best thing he can do is to get away and lose contact for a certain time, so that he can find what is happening and correct it for return to normal.

Interpretation of dreaming about collective suicide

The meaning of dreaming of collective suicide represents the inability to solve certain problems or situations that arise on a daily basis, therefore it is a type of recurring dream, depending on that state of mind.

Explanation of dreaming about my mother’s suicide

If you dream of your mother’s suicide and you want to know what it means, for your information this type of dreaming generally heralds the end of our maternal side or the complete culmination of this aspect of life.

Interpretation of dreaming about suicide of an acquaintance

As for dreaming about the suicide of an acquaintance but not this one does not achieve it, it represents that the dreamer has too many worries in his head and is leaving his energies in other beings, but not in him. You should focus on your goals and your mood because they are adrift, you should take charge of your life.

Explanation of dreaming about suicide of a child and a child

If you dream of the death of a child symbolizes the end of childhood, it reflects that the dreamer is entering an adult stage full of responsibilities, frustrations and obligations. If you dream of the death of a child, it is interpreted as renewal, your child may be passing from childhood to adolescence.

Suicide dream conclusion

Having this type of dreams can have different interpretations depending on the characteristics of each dream, but in general terms it can be said that this dream is attributed to a desperate desire to escape and get out of the daily routine of your life. Worries towards a certain special person in our life can also be attributed to him.

It will depend on the characteristics of the dream to be able to give it a correct interpretation.

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