As we always explain, dreaming is a brain activity that we cannot control although we can interpret. Dreams are part of ourselves and therefore, in addition to reflecting everyday aspects or elements, we are on the one hand showing our character, our strengths and our weaknesses. In this particular article we stop to analyze something that may seem strange but is more than usual in dreams, we talk about urine.

Here we reveal all the messages and hidden meanings in these dreams in which something as routine as urinating has an interpretation for your life and even for your future. Don’t get carried away by first impressions and discover here the true meaning of your dreams.

Meaning of dreaming about urine

  • When you urinated in the dream it is because little by little you are going to free yourself from all your problems and uncomfortable situations in your life. This includes from feelings of sadness or pain to problems that did not allow you to move forward, so it is a positive dream that promises you a few weeks and even months of the calmest. If there was something in particular that worried you, you will see how that unease will gradually disappear and everything returns to normal.
  • If, on the other hand, you wanted to urinate but could not in your dreams, it means that some other problems you are going to find. This dream reflects that very soon you will have obstacles to meet your goals, but the worst thing is that you will be the one who will not be able to make decisions. You will not know what to do, because you need to reflect well on what you really want, and until you do it you will not be able to decide properly which way to go. Some of the problems that you are going to find require quick solutions, so you will have to focus and mentalize yourself about it.
  • Although it is usually children who do it, you may dream of urinating on the bed or clothes . This is a reflection of your lack of control in real life. You are not able to control your instincts and you end up regretting what happened. It is usually common in people who do not measure their words and who end up offending their friends or even loved ones. If this is your case, you should take some time to think about all the damage that you have been able to cause and of course, you should make an effort to control the words that come out of your mouth.
  • Dreaming that you urinate in front of people is one of the most complex dreams to interpret, since there are several meanings. In the first place, if you are a reserved person who does not like to show up in public, it is because in your real life you are looking for precisely that, intimacy and a little distance. You need to get away from everything a bit to gain perspective, breathe easy and make decisions. Our advice is that you find small moments a day for yourself, for your reflection and rest. On the other hand, this dream is also associated with people who fear being judged for something from the past. If you are trying to hide feelings or certain events, sooner or later they will come to light, so it is better that you free yourself from them and stop suffering. Tell it all and you will feel like new.
  • As unpleasant as it may be, dreaming of drinking urine is a good sign and, in fact, one of the best. In these dreams a fairly quick recovery is predicted, as this dream usually appears in people with health problems. It is not a miraculous cure or anything less, but it is true that with a good attitude towards the disease and with the help of the doctor, if you also have this dream, everything will be fine.
  • When in dreams you especially remember to see urine , it symbolizes the stagnation of certain problems or situations of the past. You will have to resolve these issues, which you will have already guessed what it is, and continue with your current life. Sometimes we have to talk to certain people or go to places that we dislike, but if necessary, we must be strong and face problems or uncomfortable situations.
  • The presence of cloudy urine is related in dreams to health problems. It may be something mild, but it is best to monitor your habits a little more and go to the doctor for a check-up. You don’t have to be scared, but prevention is better than cure.
  • If someone urinates you in your dreams, it is because that person has great power over you. You are allowing yourself to be manipulated by someone and this never brings anything good. Try to reflect to discover who it is and avoid dealing with that person, because nothing but problems is what is going to generate you.
  • Urinating a lot in dreams symbolizes all those excesses that you are having. Meetings with friends, family and what is worse, the respective feasts, are going to take their toll. Although it is not about anything serious that you should worry about, it would be good for you to start controlling your lifestyle.
  • Finally, the smell of urine can appear in dreams and its meaning is not good at all. You already know that in dreams all kinds of emotions are experienced and you can even perceive smells. In this case, it is the smell of urine, and its interpretation explains that some problems related to your health may appear. The worst of all is that this problem is caused by you and excesses. If you abuse alcohol or any other harmful substance, you will end up seriously damaging your health and this dream is precisely an alarm to warn you and prevent you.

Conclusion of dreaming about urine

As you can see, urine, despite being an inconspicuous element, has a wide variety of meanings. The best thing about all these contexts is that they are usually the most common and in very few cases do dreams break out of these patterns discussed here. You will surely find the context similar to your experience and discover what it means. We await your comments and of course, that you tell us your dreams.

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