At some point you can dream of a woman regularly and frequently, this is part of the symbolism that women generally transmit in the world that takes you to a spiritual plane and that is that you have different types of affective relationships than women. they involve in a very special way.

Of course, within each dream you have to take into account the context and the person who develops it, that is, if it is a man or a woman because within both genders there are countless relationships with women and depending on every detail is that the interpretation varies.

Meaning of dreaming about woman

  • Dreaming of an unknown woman: the meaning of this dream depends directly on the appearance of the woman, if it is a beautiful and radiant woman, it indicates the beginning of new prosperous relationships in our life.

On the other hand, if the woman has a battered and unpleasant appearance, it is the harbinger of bad situations or misfortunes.

  • Dreaming of a pregnant woman: if it is a woman you do not know, this dream symbolizes that good news will be coming to your life, it is the symbol of new opportunities.

If it is the case that the pregnant woman is a relative or close friend because the dream augurs a feeling of motherhood that has come into your life, it may be that you are already ready to have a child and your subconscious is revealing it to you because you still don’t accept it.

  • Dreaming of a naked woman: in the event that the dream is perceived by a man, it means that he has little transparent relationships in his life and that disappointments are coming soon.

When this type of dream happens to a woman it is telling you how you feel inside, you are in search of who you really are, it is directly related to a situation of vulnerability of herself.

  • Dreaming of a known woman: when your dream is accompanied by a woman you know and you are a man because this in the spiritual world indicates that that woman is thinking about you in a very intense way, you may have marked her life and you have not even given yourself bill.

When this happens and you are a woman it reflects that a characteristic of that person of the female gender that you dreamed represents part of your personality and is in a state of ignorance on your part.

  • Dreaming of fighting with a woman: if you are a man and within the dream you argue with a woman, this will be conveying to you that conflicts are soon coming within your family life and it is not that it will necessarily be with your wife or girlfriend, but that it encompasses difficult situations with emotional ties important.

For women who dream of having conflicts with others, as this suggests that a female you know is afraid of your presence in her life, perhaps she sees in you an aspect of her own that she does not want to recognize and generates personal dissatisfaction.

  • Dreaming of an older woman: regardless of who has this type of dream, it is the representation of the wisdom in your life that is speaking to you, it is the voice of a mother that makes you reflect on a particular situation that is having a place in your personal development. .
  • Dreaming of an intelligent woman: points out that successes will come in your work and professional life that you should know how to take advantage of, they are new opportunities that cross your path.
  • Dreaming of a woman crying: it means that there are unexpressed sufferings and anguish that through the dream represent the cleansing of the soul to strengthen your vulnerable points.
  • Dreaming of kissing a woman: this dream may dream that it is directly linked to a relationship, but it is not really the case, when a man dreams that he kisses a woman he is showing him that joys and positive feelings are coming in his personal life.

Conclusion of dreaming about a woman

For his part, when it happens to a woman, he is showing her to focus her vision on self-love, valuing her dreams and abilities in life.

Most dreams about women are a reflection of premonitions related to the soul, many aspects involved in the spiritual world that are not expressed correctly and your inner self is asking you to pay proper attention to them.

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