Dreaming is an activity in which we can live emotions of all kinds, from magical and totally impossible experiences to moments that seem real and even make you doubt between reality and fiction. Today we talk about the meaning of dreams with accidents and the truth is that these are some of the most confused with reality. If you have had the bad luck of dreaming about one of these accidents, you have surely woken up feeling bad and for a few seconds you have doubted about reality or you have felt disoriented.

These are quite unpleasant dreams, because no one likes to experience something as tragic as an accident. The worst of all is when in these dreams you are not the only one damaged, but the family or friends who accompany you are also injured or even lose their lives. The best thing is to go on to analyze the different types of accidents in dreams and their interpretations.

Meaning of dreaming about accidents

Each dream is different and therefore we cannot judge ahead of time. In this case it is true that dreams with accidents have quite negative connotations, although it is best for each one to find the context most similar to the dream lived and draw conclusions. We find different types of accidents grouped by means of transport and although we already told you that they are not usually positive dreams, we hope they are as mild as possible and everything goes well.

  • In general, dreaming of accidents is very sad and makes us feel really bad, although in many cases the true meaning of these dreams is none other than to alert us to something. It can be a wake-up call to make you see that you should take precautions or put distance from certain people. In these very general cases, no one better than you can know what kind of alert you should set in motion, since the personal circumstances of each one are different.
  • Dreaming of a plane crash is one of the most common. What it represents is not an air tragedy, but you are a person with security and trust problems. You have low self-esteem and even if you hide it with other traits of your personality, you do not know very well how to act or defend yourself in certain situations. You are going to have to rethink the goals in your life and go for it all, because you are just as capable as anyone else. Do not belittle yourself and learn to love yourself, with your imperfections and virtues, because nobody is perfect.
  • Something similar happens to dreaming of a train accident . You know that the train should have continued moving on the rails without any problem but something has slowed it down causing an accident. You have fears that allow you to move forward and although you would like to continue on your way, it is impossible. Luckily, in real life all is not lost, you only need to work on those fears and once you overcome them, you will be able to take over the world.
  • A car accident in which several cars collide with each other , when it occurs in dreams, the meaning is somewhat complex. On the one hand, your car represents your life, while the rest of the cars can be the lives of other people or other elements. If we follow the first interpretation, it means that someone seeks to harm you and is a person who usually belongs to your work circle. If the car you collide with is the same size there is no major complication, although if it is larger you will have to work hard to get rid of the problems that person is going to cause you.
  • When in a dream you have a car accident in which after a 180 degree turn you end up face up , it is a warning sign. Your mind shows you how something you have always controlled you have completely forgotten. It can be something physical or something abstract such as a friendship. If you have left aside a friend or friend from whom you were previously inseparable, it is very likely that your own subconscious tries to make you see this error. Try to reconnect, because yours was a true friendship and you know that you will not find anyone who cares so much about you.
  • If unfortunately you see how in a dream someone you know loses his life in an accident , it is because you need to take more care of that person. You may not remember that person and you only have that bad feeling that remains after dreaming this type of tragedy, but if you make an effort you will surely remember him or find out what person he may be. It is true that you have had your friction, but you know that deep down it is a problem of stubbornness more than anything else. Neither of you wants to give in, but it would be great if you took the first step to regain the relationship.

Conclusion of dreaming about accidents

As you can see, although the interpretations are quite sad, they do not speak of any irreversible misfortune, you would be surprised to know what elements of innocent appearance hide much darker meanings. We hope you tell us about your experience with these dreams and that together we can increase the dictionary of dreams.

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