Dreaming of apples  may have a lot to do with what you have encountered during the day. because you went through the supermarket and he provoked you with the intention of taking a bite out of an apple that you have seen and that wish remained in your mind and this was reflected in your dream, but if you think that this had nothing to do with it then we must determine why of this dream, if it is positive or negative for your life or it was just a coincidence.

Everything also depends on the situation in which the dream was encompassed, this factor greatly determines its meaning, so you have to be very attentive to this type of information, and that is where the interpretation lies.

meaning of dreaming about apples

  • When we dream of greenish apples, this means the hope we have in the face of the situations that are presenting themselves to us in our lives. It is believing and having faith that good things will come into our lives in the future, that they will give us satisfaction and the necessary peace of mind to live relaxed.
  • Dreaming of apples represents the longings that we have to do certain things but you do not finish them because they feel that they are going to judge you in a bad way, if you dream that you have the apple grabbed, this has to do with dreams that are about to be realized or with the I wish you have that soon you can fulfill it.
  • In case you hold the apple, but it falls from your hands, it means that you must make the determination to make your goals come true and that they are not merely a wish. If you manage to cut the apple but do not bite it, it also means that you must act more and not let time pass without the possibility of specifying them.
  • Dreaming of apples in large quantities represents the things that you are not doing and that accumulate and then you cannot organize yourself to be able to get out of them. Dreaming of these fruits with a very intense red color is interpreted as sensual desires that the dreamer feels, temptations of the sinful type that are in your conscience.
  • If you get to bite the apple it means that you will fall into temptation and you will not be able to do anything about it, if you do not get to bite it it is because you feel that what you want to do you will not be able to do it but it makes you feel distressed about it. Dreaming of large apples means that you will have a sexual encounter and this will make news and bring harmful consequences.
  • Dreaming of damaged apples has to do mainly with sins and the consequences that these can bring to your life. If we dream of green apples, this is the interpretation of the arrival of tranquility and peace in your life, since all your projects and pending issues are on the right track. If the apple is yellow it is because they will warn you of something and you can react in a bad way.
  • If you dream of black or rotten apples , it clearly has to do with negative situations, if you take a bite then you are prone to suffering from some strong health discomfort or negative monetary situations. So you must be very attentive to these types of dreams.
  • When you dream of a tree full of apples, it clearly has to do with prosperous times that are about to come into your life, you will achieve all the goals that you propose and all the projects that you have in mind will see the light and benefit you a lot.
  • Dreaming of an apple full of worms: having this dream has the interpretation that some situation that is happening in your life is generating a great stress for you or it can also be interpreted as that someone with whom you had lost contact, will come to put your world of head.
  • If you can see that the worms consume the fruit, this has to do with a family dispute over some inherited good and the conflicts that this entails for your life.

Conclusions of dreaming about apple

In most cases dreaming of apples has positive repercussions, so if you had a dream about this fruit and it made you uneasy, you should stay a bit calm. Also as it is known, the apple has been associated over time as the fruit that represents lust or sinfulness, in short we will see the most common scenarios when dreaming of this fruit.

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