Dreaming of arguing is a clear sign of all the toxic environment that you may be living. The discussions are essentially negative, everyone wanting to impose their point of view and not arriving at any result in which there is a win-win.

The discussions can be with your parents, coworkers, friends, children and your partner; motivated that we are dissatisfied with any situation. Keep reading how these dreams will guide us how to face the situation according to what we have seen, so that we can find the best solution in the most peaceful and civilized way.

Meaning of dreaming about arguing

  • Dreaming of arguing: it is a reflection of how you feel internally, because you have been hiding and repressing annoyances or because your opinion has been invalidated. Your mind is speaking for you by showing you that it is time to resolve what is bothering you.
  • Dreaming of arguing alone: ​​it is your inner voice claiming its authority, it wants to be heard, but you are afraid to show it to others. Be brave, being yourself is valuable and incomparable, stop hiding yourself.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your mother: you can see it in two ways, the first is that you have literally had problems with your mother and the second is that you are going through an emotional block that is affecting your creativity and sensitivity.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your dad: you can see this dream as a warning about your independence. When you argue with your father, the authority figure, it is because you are seeking to impose your ideas and your essence on the beliefs that he or another person may have about you.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your sister or brother: it  is an interesting situation, it reflects that there may be problems in your environment of friends. You feel out of place and that your opinions are no longer considered valuable.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your partner: arguing with your partner is a sign that there are things to be resolved. It is evident that as time passes without talking about the matter, the situation will worsen. Be open about it and smooth things over with the person you love.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your son: for a father having this dream is a reflection of the fear of being a bad guide for his son, he feels unsteady and serious to set a good example. Courage, this warning gives you the opportunity to strengthen your character. What you know you can change.
  • Dreaming of arguing with a friend: it tells us about our personality, that we are being arrogant when we want to impose our point of view on that of others. Learn to give space to the opinions of others, especially your friends.
  • Dreaming of arguing with your boss: it is relative to the current situation that you may be living. It may be overwork and that you need a vacation, that you feel insecure about your abilities, some injustice from your boss, or that there are chances that you will be fired.
  • Dreaming of arguing with someone: you are  literally having conflicts with people around you, but you have preferred to keep it hidden and your mind decided to remind you, so that you can really solve it. Speaking is understood by people, be timely and you will feel better.
  • Dreaming that you hear an argument: it is an anticipation that you could have unfavorable results in some project or business. If you are about to undertake, make sure it is under the terms that you want.
  • Dreaming of arguing and losing your voice: it is the way in which your subconscious makes you understand that you do not want to take responsibility for your actions. It also refers to the fact that your job is changing you to a position of less responsibility.

Conclusion of dreaming of arguing

Dreams where there are arguments show us that we are literally in conflict in real life, maybe we fight with a friend, family member, coworker or our partner; and we see that while we sleep because we feel worried about the situation.

Arguing is a way of knowing our points of view and is willing to defend them. However, we must see our surroundings and consider what is more important: be right? Or manage to reconcile the differences? Sometimes giving in is the best response for our emotional well-being and that of other people.

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