Babies, little human beings that fill us with joy as soon as we see them. Dreaming of babies is nothing new. Many times both men and women have dreams of babies. In most cases they are babies who are not even known, since only some details are usually remembered.

As we mentioned, although everyone dreams of babies at some point, it is true that pregnant women do so more frequently. It can be due to many reasons, from the interest of a future mother to simple coincidence. Stress is also one of the factors that affect you right now. Everything revolves around the baby who is on the way and such is the burden to control every detail that in many cases it becomes a kind of insane obsession.

Many other women dream of their own pregnancy when it is not even real. This is not a bad thing, in fact, dreams about babies are usually positive. It is important that you gather all the details that you can remember from your dreams and try to find the interpretation that corresponds to you. It is possible that the description we give is not exact to the one of your dream, but if you guide yourself by the most general aspects, you will surely get a correct explanation.


Meaning of dreaming about babies

Within dreams with babies we can find so many types of dreams that it is much more convenient to classify them into subcategories. As you already know, all the details in dreams are key when it comes to finding meaning. First of all we talk about dreams in which the important thing is how the baby is.

  • If you remember the baby in your dream especially for its beauty, smell or perfection , it is because your environment is the most positive. You have people around you who love you and who will not harm you at any time. You are happy, you are comfortable with your life today, you even face problems with optimism and come out of them with ease. In this type of dreams your emotional state is a clear reflection of your life, you are in peace and harmony with your situation. In these cases, a baby is a sign of pure happiness.
  • Dreaming of a sick baby is however a sign of bad luck. Bad times are coming and it is very likely that they will be the most painful. We can’t tell you what kind of problems but you will have a hard time. From a depression to a loss, a breakup or an unpleasant surprise. Try to get used to the idea and be as positive as possible. After the storm there is always calm.
  • When the baby is a newborn , it means that you are in a process of internal cleaning. You know that you did something wrong in the past and now that you have realized it and regret it, you are changing. It is a good thing, because you are aware of your actions and you are purifying yourself. In the same way that it happens with crystal clear water, newborn babies represent innocence, purity. If during the dream you held the little one in your own arms, it means that you have sentimental stability with your partner and you would like to strengthen ties by having your own child. If you do not have a partner, it is possible that you still feel that desire to have children even if you do not dare to do it yourself or you cannot find someone with whom to have them.

Depending on what happens to the baby, we find three other types of dreams:

  • If you are taking care of the baby during sleep, it is because you give off great tenderness. You want to have children or you simply love children and even in dreams you are affectionate with a baby. In some cases, although it is not the most common, it means that you are looking for someone to deposit all your love. This occurs in people who tend to hide their emotions but deep down they want it madly.
  • When it is the crying of a baby, what you remember most about the dream is because your subconscious shows you the lack of attention you have. Although crying is interpreted in dreams in a thousand ways, in these cases it is usually associated with loneliness. You may be surrounded by people but you feel alone, you need support and someone who really shows you their friendship.
  • Dreaming of a lost baby is a sign of caution. An internal alarm alerts you to possible betrayals. If you read this interpretation in time, it is very likely that you will avoid unnecessary damage. The people who can harm you are people close to you. Don’t show your weaknesses so lightly and measure your words.

In addition, we find a last category with more dreams in which babies appear:

  • When you are a baby yourself, it is because you have a childish personality or because a part of you wants to go back to childhood. As for the first meaning, it is about happy people who tend to see the glass as half full, people who always know how to see the bright side of things. On the other hand, if what you are looking for is to return to your childhood, it is because you are living a period of great tension and responsibilities. All you want is to rest and go back to worrying about minor problems.
  • If in dreams you have problems conceiving a child, there may be different meanings. On the one hand it is possible that it is a real anguish on the subject. Many couples have problems having children and come to suffer a real hell, since depression or breakup are some of the consequences. However, the other interpretation is completely the opposite, since it is associated with people who do not want children. You may have dreamed of this if what you are trying to avoid in your life is having all kinds of commitments as strong as having children.
  • Dreaming that you are breastfeeding a baby has a double meaning again. It can be a clear display of affection and affection or it can be interpreted as a betrayal. While you are breastfeeding the baby in your dreams, how you feel is very important, because if you are not comfortable it is because it is most likely that you will suffer the disappointment or betrayal of someone close to you. If your dream corresponds to the latter, be careful not to entrust your most intimate secrets to just anyone.
  • If you have been unlucky enough to dream of a deformed baby, it is basically due to the pressure on perfection. In the case of pregnant women or future parents, it is due to fears and fears for the health of the baby. In the rest of the cases, it is the personal insecurities and complexes of each one that appear in this way in dreams. The best way to avoid this unpleasant dream is by learning to love our imperfections and value what we have.

Conclusion of dreaming about babies

And so far some of the most common baby dreams. Be sure to read our dream dictionary to find out exactly what they hide and what the future holds for you.

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