Sometimes we have already talked about the importance of water in dreams. Each element has its own meaning, so it is very difficult to generalize and be able to talk about one interpretation or another when we barely remember the details of the dream. However, the mere presence of water is often associated with positive meanings.

Although water can appear in a thousand different ways, in waterfalls, rivers, seas and even glasses or buckets, it is possible to see it also when in dreams you are bathing. Unlike the rest of dreams with water, the fact of bathing in dreams has its own very different meaning. To help you understand what your dream says about you, do not miss the following points in which we deal with some of the most popular cases.

Meaning of dreaming about bathing

  • To dream that you have a strong desire to bathe is a sign of emotional stagnation. The idea of ​​bathing is related to cleaning, the beginning of a new stage. Your subconscious shows you the need to change and begin to relax. You are going through a very hectic season and you have to stop resting, because the worst nerves are those that are carried inside. As ironic as it may seem, you can start by taking a relaxing bath and enjoying small pleasures such as reading, movies, walks … etc.
  • If you bathe in clean water it is a very good sign, since it can be from the achievement of your goals to the beginning of a love relationship or a promotion. Happiness will be very present in you these days, take advantage and enjoy it to the fullest, because there will be nothing that you will not achieve with a little effort.
  • However, if you bathe in cloudy water, the meaning changes radically. Dirty water is always associated with some kind of betrayal or problem. You will have to be somewhat restrained with your comments and if you can, go to the doctor for a check-up. It never hurts and it may be a health problem. On the other hand, it can also be associated with a strong desire to improve social relationships. If this is your case, you have nothing to worry about. Take a shower, get ready and go out and take over the world, surely you meet some of the most interesting people.
  • When in the dream a group of children are playing in clear water , it is an omen of good luck and happiness. Although we cannot know exactly what will happen, it is very likely that it is your closest family or friends ties that will be reinforced. If, on the other hand, the water is not very clean, the meaning shifts to something more negative. It symbolizes the approach of some problem or period of sadness.
  • If when bathing you feel that the water is very hot , you need changes in your environment. The atmosphere around you is negative and does not bring any positive aspect to your life. Your friendships may be harmful and you may not have realized it. Another quite damaging factor is work. Chances are, you can’t afford to change jobs, you can always learn to fight discomfort passively. Do not let it affect you and discover how to be happy in an environment of envy and hypocrisy.
  • Dreaming that you take a bath with someone else translates in two different ways. On the one hand, it is possible that you feel sexual attraction towards that person, although if you do not remember who it is, the meaning is totally negative. In the latter case, it is usually associated with a danger or problem related to a specific person. It is possible that even you will not be aware of what it is until after a while, as it can be criticism behind your back. Don’t worry about it, time puts everyone in their place.

Conclusion of dreaming about bathing

So far the dreams in which you bathe, which does not mean that they are the only interpretations of dreams related to water. Do not stop finding out what your dreams say and you will know much more about yourself and what can happen to you in a matter of days.

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