Dreams that are repeated over and over raise the risk of their happening, dreams often unify the body, mind and spirit, if dreams are understood, we will have known and better understand all the things that can happen to us, Dreaming of beans is something very positive, it resembles prosperity and abundance.

Beans are a delicious food, dreaming of beans is beneficial for those who interpret dreams because they bring good vibes.

Meaning of dreaming about beans

It means that there is a lot of personality, the people who dream of them are detailed, perfectionists and cautious. The simplest things in life are what will give us happiness.

  • Delicious and abundant beans: Dreams reveal deep meanings and not as is often thought, it is an unsatisfied desire according to studies. To decipher dreams, you have to investigate a lot and know the keys, the elements that are remembered from dreams are the fundamental pieces for their study.
  • Dreaming of cooked or cooked beans: It means that the internal aspects and projections are excellent, it means confidence, good self-esteem, security to carry a good personal growth. We are very satisfied with our work.

Cooking them symbolizes that you are a meticulous, meticulous person, always aware of your surroundings. Dispersion must be avoided as there will be times of stability in all areas.

These dreams tell us that the person who dreams is stubborn, proud, does not like to be ordered around, they always want to be right.

  • Dreaming of raw beans: People who dream it have great potential, although some are shy, they can get loose and show it to the world. These dreamy people have excellent ability in oratory, in expression, in communication, and some are related to the artistic world.
  • Dreaming of burned beans: It means that there are people in our environment who have negative desires for us, gossipy, ill-intentioned people, we must be very careful with these people.
  • Dreaming of red, green, white or black beans: Blacks portend job opportunities and in business good luck, although their color is a bad omen according to myths, reds symbolize interpersonal relationships personality changes, you are ready to love and be loved. The greens symbolize fertility, births and new projects, marriage and a lot of joy.

White beans alert us to upcoming problems, there are no excuses for not being forewarned.

  • Dreaming of beans and rice: Relationships will be good although you have to be aware since something or someone can intervene, everything will depend on the dream if it is combined with other dishes such as lentils, in this case the abundance will not be present.
  • Dreaming of beans that grow and we sow: It portends many positive changes, they indicate that life will give a sudden and important change, the changes will give happiness. It means that our goals will be achieved and we will obtain many fruits, sowing augurs well that we will overcome many obstacles in life.
  • Dreaming that I eat beans: There is an attraction to other people, successes come and you have to take advantage of them, it is a very good sign of prosperity. We must be careful of people who speak behind our backs.

In the economic aspect you will be lucky, it is the right time to do business, you will have to fight in the same way if you get what you propose.

  • Dreaming of beans in a necklace: It means that we love someone in silence, it is time to take risks and let them know, since it could be very lucky to be reciprocated.
  • Dreaming of many beans: It means early fights, arguments, bad times with friends, partners or coworkers, it is time to calm down and take situations in a healthy peace.
  • Dreaming of finding or collecting beans: Portends poverty, financial problems, sadness, worries. If you collect them in this dream it symbolizes joy, friendships, helps, giving and receiving.

Conclusion of dreaming about beans

In conclusion, dreaming of beans has to be associated with the need to consume protein, the meanings are not all negative, there is variety and they resemble feelings of prosperity and abundance, it symbolizes some goals that are not finished.

Some people use these dreams to be lucky in chance and games, since not everything is love and joys, dreams must give pleasant sensations to apply what is learned.

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