Today we are talking about birds, but not about the famous Alfred Hitchcock movie but about the meaning of dreaming about these animals. It is true that we can see them every day when we leave the house, we listen to them and they are even kept as pets, although in some dreams their appearance is explained by a hidden message. What we want is to help you better understand your dreams and to be able to decipher the signals that your subconscious sends you.

The messages of the subconscious are reflected in dreams through totally everyday objects that at first can be quite normal. The best way to find a meaningful dream to interpret is to choose one of those dreams that remain in the mind for days, dreams that in some way mark and generate questions. That is when we can go on to look for information about it.

In this case we focus on soils featuring birds. Birds can range from relaxing by their song to annoying, as occurs when large numbers of pigeons accumulate on the terraces in search of food. Be that as it may, birds have something in common that has always aroused a lot of curiosity in humans: they fly. This has always been one of the great envies that these animals have aroused and in fact, something has to do with its meaning.


Meaning of dreaming about birds

  • The general meaning of dreaming about birds is directly related to freedom. As we mentioned earlier, the ability to fly is closely linked to the concept of freedom that human beings have. It is that possibility of opening the wings and disappearing in just seconds to fly with total freedom through the sky makes many dream about it. It is for this desire that the dream with birds is explained in a general sense, although the meaning may vary depending on the context.
  • If, for example, you have dreamed of a bird cage, it means that you are a person who in some way or another is being controlled. You would like to have a little more freedom and be able to make your own decisions, because in many cases you are forced or conditioned by the people around you. It may even be life circumstances that do not give you many options and you feel somewhat overwhelmed. This dream is undoubtedly one of the most common among young people.
  • This same dream, that of seeing caged birds, can become positive if the feeling that accompanies the dream is one of joy. In these dreams, there are usually few birds that are inside the cage , in fact, they are usually between two and 6. The meaning varies then and is translated into love. It is very possible that you will find someone special or that your relationship will improve if you already have someone in your life. Be that as it may, it symbolizes the presence of very strong emotional ties, pure love.
  • When you hunt birds in dreams it is because you are a determined person who seeks to obtain success and profit. You are totally sure of your goals and you are going for them at any cost, although on the other hand it is true that you can also relate to people who also pay too much attention to money. This last aspect can be negative, as it would explain the superficial and materialistic character of many people who only seek happiness through money.
  • If you shoot them first to hunt the birds , it is not that you are fighting for your goals, but because you are determined and persistent, you will lose money. You cannot do things your way because it is simply not correct, although it is true that you put everything on your side, you lack patience and you try to force things. You are going to have to learn to wait and change your ways if you want to achieve what you set out to do.
  • Seeing in dreams birds with beautiful and cared plumage is associated with success. You will be lucky enough to receive good news in the next few days or you will get the results you have been craving for from an exam, project or application. Take advantage of this streak of good luck because it will not be forever and everything can change from one day to the next.
  • Dreaming of birds still in the nest means the fear of flying. You are afraid or you find yourself unable to cope with the effort involved in taking the step. It may be fear of finding a job, of interviews, of looking for a partner, of asking for a loan or many other particular cases in which shame and insecurity play tricks. The best thing you can do is start to gain confidence in yourself so that you can move and start turning ideas into action. In the same way that it happens to the baby birds, you will have to gather courage and launch yourself into the void in order to open your wings.
  • See how an animal eats or attacks bird eggs , you have to take more care of your back. Someone around you is being the most unfair to you and may even betray you. From a person in your circle of friends to a co-worker or neighbor, they seek to harm you with lies and whispers. Avoid telling your intimacies or personal details for a few days because sooner or later you will find out who it is.
  • When you observe how birds migrate to another place in dreams, there is something in your life that you do not like and you would love to be able to change. It is very possible that a move or change of scene would turn out to be the most convenient in your situation. It is not always easy or affordable, but the truth is that it can change your life and even offer you possibilities that now you do not even imagine. When you really believe that you have reached your limit, do not think twice and change your environment, surely everything will get better.
  • Seeing an injured bird in dreams is very sad, although in reality it means that you are afraid of leaving your comfort zone. You do not know how to move because you only look at the risks and everything you can lose, because you tend to be negative, especially in this type of matter. Our advice is that you mature, lose your fears and look for the advantages, life can offer you many positive things too.

Conclusion of dreaming about birds

Birds bring us good and bad news, although the most important thing is knowing how to recognize them. A little trick to start interpreting dreams correctly is to pay attention to emotions. If during the dream you were sad or happy it can make the difference between a positive and a negative meaning. If you have any questions or want to make a contribution to our dream dictionary, count on our support.

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