Many people mistakenly associate dreaming of broken glass with a bad omen, as they somehow associate it with the breaking of mirrors. This is a very common mistake that should not be understood like that at all, because it is precisely a reflection of you that appears as crystals in dreams. If these are broken, we will then have to analyze the context of the dream to understand more precisely what type of problem we are talking about.

In these dreams they are usually signs of internal problems of the dreamer, but most of them have a solution. Do not be alarmed by dreaming of broken glass and discover its true meaning. It is, as is often the case in the world of dream interpretation, a reflection of your problems, your fears and insecurities.

In the same way that we sometimes confuse dreams with reality, it is very easy to mistake dreams that are mere nonsensical copies of reality for dreams that actually hide a message. Try to think very well before interpreting the dream if in your environment you have recently seen broken glass, have read a book in which they talked about something related or have even seen it in a movie. This is a very important step with which you can know if it really is a meaningful dream or not.

Meaning of dreaming about broken glass

  • As we explained in the previous point, dreaming of broken glass is related in a general way , with problems or particular situations of each dreamer. If, for example, you dream of broken glass without further ado, it is very difficult to know the origin of this dream, although if the crystals come from a particular object it is much easier to relate it to some situation or moment in the dreamer’s life.
  • When in the dream the floor is made of glass and it begins to crack and break, it is because you are an insecure person or at least you are going through a moment in your life in which you are. This insecurity can appear due to the presence of people of strong character or who make you look inferior. The truth is that you are equally valuable and you should never doubt your possibilities. Whenever you strive, you will achieve what you set out to do.
  • Dreaming of just broken glass , when you have recently lost something important in your life, is nothing more than a sign of emptiness and pain. You are in the doldrums and you have reasons for it. Only time will heal this pain, although it is true that you will have to do your part and strive to get your life back and get back to enjoying the little things.
  • If you remember that in the dream you had the broken glass in your hands, it is because you feel guilty. You may have done something or have somehow been involved in something shady that does not let you rest. Your conscience is teaching you what you have done and you acknowledge it inside. The best thing in these cases is to take responsibility, sincerely repent and whenever possible, apologize or try to fix it.
  • Chewing on pieces of glass is very unpleasant, but may be experienced in dreams. It is somehow an expression of pain. You are going through a bad time and you do not know how to manage all those emotions that you have inside, so one way to assimilate them is through pain. Chewing, swallowing, spitting or even vomiting can mean something positive, as you are struggling to digest or expel everything that has you in this state of pain.
  • On the other hand, having crystals in the mouth without chewing them is usually related to problems related to speech or communication. You should be more careful with the words you say and not express the first thing that comes to mind. This dream usually appears in impulsive or extremely sincere people who are not able to apply filters in their language, which leads them to cause harm to the people around them.
  • Breaking a crystal glass in dreams symbolizes nerves and stress. You are going through a quite important stage in your life but that also generates a permanent state of nerves. You are going to have to learn to relax a little and know how to manage everything you have on your back without affecting your rest or health. A way out of this tension is to look for small moments of disconnection in which you do activities that you really like or physical activities such as sports. In this way you will release all that stress and although with greater fatigue, you will feel much better.
  • To dream that you cut yourself with broken glass means that you are going to be a very admired but also envied person. You are going to awaken all kinds of emotions around you, and although they should all be good, there will always be someone to whom you cause envy. These feelings are basically one more form of admiration, albeit negative in nature. Do not worry about it and continue fighting for your dreams as you have done now, because letting these people influence you will not bring you anything positive.
  • Dreaming of breaking all kinds of glass objects that surround you such as windows, doors, cabinets or glasses, means that the project that you now have in mind will not go well. Deep down you know there are many risks, but you still can’t get it out of your head. The best thing you can do is rethink the whole idea, postpone it until you manage to reduce the risks and only when you are more confident about it, jump in.
  • If someone gives you in a dream some glass and it was cracked, it is because you are going to have good luck and you are going to achieve those goals you have in mind. Surely if you focus you will be much happier and although, of course, new challenges appear later, you will feel full and very proud of your effort.

Conclusion of dreaming about broken glass

Dreaming of broken glass is as you can see, a very deep and personal issue that no one but the dreamer himself can understand. Knowing how to objectively identify one’s problems, defects or qualities is not an easy task. If you have any questions, contact us or leave your own experience here.

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