Dreaming of candles has multiple interpretations, dreams try to fulfill wishes in the unconscious. Dreams say things about ourselves. And just as each dream has a meaning, dreaming of candles means something in the same way.

Dreams are organic needs, which the brain has to get rid of nervousness, as well as to give the body a rest. Dreaming of candles can be reflected in worries, problems; they intervene directly in people’s moods, and of course, in our brain to eliminate these tensions.

Meaning of dreaming with candles

Dreaming is an art in which human beings are gifted, dreams create parallel realities, where reality can become a dream, there are thousands of practices to interpret dreams. All people dream, the only detail is that some are remembered and others are not.

Interpreting dreams often helps to improve aspects of the personality and life, with some dreams ambitions, desires, hopes are increased, they are the access route to the realities that we live.

The differences between the dream and the nightmare is the mood that accompanies the person, the nightmare is usually an emotional state of anguish of terror, persecution or death.

  • Dreaming of white candles: Dreaming of candles generates peace, when dreams of white candles represent the state of our energies, if they are off our inner strength is not at its best, black candles the balance of our life is threatened, there are negative people Around us.
  • Dreaming of black candles: Extinguished black candles are related to death, some interpret losses of all kinds.

They can also be candles of other colors such as red, which is related to basic feelings such as passion and love, unlit candles say some aspects of health, colors reflect new situations.

  • Dreaming of melted candles: Melted candles are situations that will end or must end. Melted white candles are tears that will be shed; candle holders reflect a spiritual need, scented candles work on the reflection of needs to be satisfied.
  • Dreaming that the candles surround you: Candles around people, indicate that some damage may be caused, you must be careful with the people around us. Candles that surround you with a very strong flame, is a symbol of an uncertain future, or some disease that will arise.
  • Dreaming of candles that have wick: Dreaming of candles that have the wick on the side melting the wax on the side is the death of someone close if you dream of lighting the candle is a marriage at the door or very close, if it is possible to light without difficulties they are successes achieved.
  • Dreaming of candlesticks: Candlesticks symbolize the intellect, great academic endeavors. The candles in candelabra that do not light, symbolize a frustration, something that is not finished or finished, if they are extinguishing it means that luck is leaving you.
  • Dreaming of the candle flame dancing: If the flame is constantly dancing there will be changes in the way you see things, evolution in thinking and simply leaving immaturity.

Conclusion of dreaming with candles

The dream of candles is one of those dreams where you should pay close attention both to the environment where sailing is like the feeling or the feeling that this candle can cause you during sleep.

The meaning of candles in dreams is highly framed by light, hope, faith, intellect, and the path. In turn, these can have meaningful precautions if they are turned off or if the heat from them is suffocating.

Dreaming of burning or unlit candles requires taking their location into account, when determining the location where the candle is, you will be able to more successfully interpret the dream.

The meaning that dreams can have should not be underestimated, this can prevent you from events or situations that are risky for your integrity or that of your loved ones, especially when they are made of this type of element such as the candle.

The candle as a transporting object of light, energy and heat, fundamental elements for a prosperous movement, both carnally and spiritually.

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