Dreaming about being chased can be very repetitive when you are at a child or adolescent age. In adulthood, dreaming about being chased can be influenced by moments that you lived during the day, conversations with someone, movies or some kind of scenes from a program, in short, they are memories that are stored in the subconscious and we reflect them at the moment. to sleep through sleep.

If this type of dream is repeated very often, pay attention because that is where you should study or observe what circumstances may be causing it. Maybe you unconsciously keep a worrying situation like a conversation with someone you have pending or making a drastic decision.

Meaning of Dreaming about chasing you

  • If you dream that an animal is chasing you , these types of dreams appear very often due to the feeling they awaken in us, it is related to the work environment, discussions, conflict resolution or accumulation of the activities you do.
  • Dreaming that a very repetitive monster chases you in children for situations that awaken them anxiety, fear; the beginning of school, a visit to the doctor for a vaccination, or having blood drawn. The most advisable thing is to transmit to the child tranquility and explain a little that it is going to be something temporary.
  • Dreaming that they chase you and do not reach you is positive is interpreted as the resolution of that problem that generates stress and you have looked for solutions that you cannot get, but in the end they are solved satisfactorily.
  • To dream that you are being chased Problems that you want to avoid but that you are not going to achieve, you have to face them, they are their consequences even if they are not entirely beneficial for you.
  • Dreaming that a snake is chasing you by people close to you who betray you but do not affect you much or because you sensed that this was going to happen.
  • To dream that you ere s who pursues are consequences of a bad act, a bad decision harm someone made you want satiate revenge injustice, and solve it by your own.
  • Dreaming that someone who had held you by force is chasing you reflects positive changes, a new home, changing jobs, taking a trip where you are surrounded by a lot of vegetation, getting out of the routine that overwhelms you, a desired freedom and that you manage to achieve. .
  • Dreaming of the people who persecute you are often people who love you and look for the best for you, be it a job change where you are not recognized, a toxic relationship, support you in a new project, the purchase of a new house or a car.
  • Dreaming that your partner is chasing you can be interpreted as that infidelity that you are committing and they have not discovered you, you are persecuted by your partner in the dream that represents the remorse, fear, anxiety that it generates in you.
  • If he chases you to kill you it is probably a great fear of something you do not see with a distant and lasting benefit. Many people have an exaggerated perspective when they are presented with situations that they cannot control or solve, they magnify the problem by diminishing the solution.

Many times you are going through situations that overwhelm you, a problem that is considered very serious you can see reflected in dreams, there are feelings such as guilt for acting badly, not confessing a lie, actions that do not go according to society, the act of injustice that is committed against someone or against you.

Seeks to retain and bring from that dream the details to give it the correct interpretation to find a solution and stop dreaming that it haunts you.

Conclusion of dreaming about being chased

The dream you have of being chased or chasing you should observe it carefully so that you can reach an answer.

Running away and not facing situations, whether awake or asleep, have consequences, perhaps fear, indecision will paralyze you, what you have to face is not pleasant, remember that there are always solutions, but you can find them, seek the help of someone, a friend , a counselor, a priest, a psychologist.

Bad sleep one night will not allow you to be alert the next day, your reflexes are optimal, and the activities you do develop them with energy.

If you have feelings of revenge, channel it by practicing some sport, looking for a healthy distraction, visiting open spaces where you can have contact with nature so that clean energy flows so as not to fall into acts with irreversible consequences

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