Each dream we have brings us the reality of what we long for or fear, they represent the innermost part of being, our thoughts and desires and what we feel. It is true, that they are tender, they represent vulnerability and dependence on the people around them, which is why they always need decisions to start everything they start in life.

The information that is housed in the subconscious of daily living, problems, what we dream and long for attracts images that in a certain way are the reflection of the answers that we ask the universe to reveal to us through our dreams to be able to walk and face all situations to live.

The chicks are very tender, vulnerable animals in their home so that when represented in a dream the fact   dream of chicks , describe a set of characteristics of the dreamer, ie, vulnerability representing indicate the need for constant being protected, facing the unknown causes fear and fear.

Likewise, chicks represent in dreams, favorable circumstances or good dreams, they can indicate warning according to some symbols, but generally they represent the maternal instinct the feeling of protection, the need of the dreamer to feel protected.

Meanings of dreaming about chicks

  • Dreaming of newborn chicks: you must be attentive to new and good news come into your life to give yourself joy, you must let it flow and what happens or what has to happen, if any conflict arises you should relax. Positive transformations that come into your life and generate change that will help you in a new life.
  • Dreaming of dead chicks: it means the fear of losing a loved one, how vulnerable you are to these situations.
  • Dreaming of yellow chicks: this dream represents that they are very familiar people worried about having everything in control regarding the well-being of others, overwhelming their loved ones.
  • Dreaming that newborn chicks: if you dream of these newborn chicks, positive aspects come into your life, you must be prepared to be calm and receive.
  • To dream that you see chicks coming out of the shell: it is very symbolic that you see the chicks breaking the shell, new and good projects you will achieve in your life, they also symbolize positive changes in your life and above all unexpected.
  • Dreaming of chicks that are running: it means that if you observe these little ones running non-stop, you must keep in mind what your soul is like, how your joy is, you still feel like a child, if so, live every day to the fullest and take advantage of the moments they give you life.
  • Dreaming of feeding chicks: it is interpreted as that your enemies are planning or are lurking, you must be careful and not trust anything or anyone.
  • To dream that a chick follows us: in its dream, it can be interpreted as the stability that you offer to your close friends, family friends, you can begin to worry about yourself and establish priorities.
  • Dreaming of black chicks: this dream indicates us, that you should bear in mind that unforeseen problems may appear, act calmly and calmly, surround your energy with your good thoughts, obviate all the negative.
  • Dreaming of drowned chicks: it means that you have not yet forgotten a bad relationship that has hurt you in the past, to forget you must forgive and move on.
  • Dreaming of sick chicks: if you dream of sick chicks, your need to care for and accompany your loved ones is reflected, going over your needs, keep in mind that you must help without getting involved.
  • Dreaming of chicks in a nest: it augurs for the one who dreams that he will have the family he longs for and the desire to be in the company of beings who love them.

Conclusions of dreaming about chicks

This animal is very symbolic, it represents the person characterized by noble feelings, with a great need to give and receive affection, to protect, care and protect the physical integrity and feelings.

If these chicks appear in your dreams are signs that show you that you should be aware of their positive and sometimes negative meaning, what you interpret could condition your future actions but what your heart follows are your values ​​and emotions.

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