You already know that in dreams the elements are as important as the emotion you experience. In this case we are going to unravel all the hidden meanings behind the presence of clean water in dreams. Well, although in many dreams water appears without more, when you remember that detail of purity in particular it is because it has some meaning.
Of all the possible options, we are going to analyze how the environment and other factors are of great importance when determining the meaning of water in dreams. In some cases, remembering the amount of water, the temperature or its temperature can be the difference between an exact interpretation and a wrong one.

Meaning of dreaming of clean water

  • Clean water is usually associated with the meaning of a new life, a new direction that completely affects your environment. A renovation that is usually the most positive. If you have dreamed of clean water, it is very likely that in no time the opportunity to turn your life around will present itself to you. If you specifically remember that you swam in water, it is because you are a good and peaceful person.
  • The presence of water slides in dreams has to do with the speed they imply. If you have dreamed that you jump from a water slide, it can have two meanings. On the one hand, it is possible that it is due to your lack of control, you are not able to control a situation or that you are incapable of taking charge of your life. The second meaning is slightly connected to the first, as it refers to the fact of letting yourself go and not intervening in the different personal aspects of your own life.
  • When you drink apparently clean water and its taste is not good , its meaning is not good either. Problems such as arguments, unwanted events or health problems are attributed to this element. However, if you have dreamed that you drink from a spring, the meaning is totally different. Get ready to receive great news, whether related to the world of work or personal. Luck is on your side and you may win a lot of money.
  • Drinking clean and hot water in a dream means that something bad is going to happen. If you suffer from any disease, it is very likely that you will have a relapse or worsening, which you must see in a positive way and take all possible strength to face it. On the other hand, if what you drink in your dream is mineral water and you do not remember any particular temperature, it is a very good sign. Your mood, training and character allow you to savor the details of life, you are a grateful person who knows how to fight for what he wants. Simply drinking clean water is also a good sign. Everything you decide to do related to business will have a positive effect.
  • When the amount of clean water that appears in your dream is a small amount, it is related to some change in your life or even fertility. While if it is a single drop of water, it is because you hide some feelings and emotions that little by little begin to come to light.

Conclusion of dreaming about clean water

If what you see in your dream is precisely the birth of clean water, it is because a new beginning is going to emerge in your life. This can be a new relationship, a good deal in business, or even financial compensation that you did not expect.

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