Clothing is overrated, although it is true that it gives a lot of information about a person when you see it. For many it is a true reflection of their personality and that is why they care so much about their appearance. Today we are talking about dreams in which clothing is the protagonist and we will also show how it is capable of turning a simple dream into a deep and totally unique message for each one.

In addition to covering us, protecting us from the cold and talking about our personality, clothing is also capable of influencing our lives thanks to its appearance in dreams. The best thing about dreams is that they are totally irrational and anything is possible, you can break the laws of gravity or even the speed of light. In this case, it will be something as everyday as clothing that tries to convey a message that of course comes from our subconscious.

As you already know, the contexts of dreams are essential to know their meaning. We cannot present here all the cases in which clothes appear in dreams because it would be impossible. What we do in the next section is to reflect the most common contexts in which this element appears when we sleep and we will relate them to their respective interpretations.


Meaning of dreaming about clothes

  • The presence of clothes in dreams has a general meaning that relates it to the desire to improve the image that others have of that person. It is not so much a concern for the part related to personality or interior but rather with physical appearance, a real fear of prejudice. Clothes often appear in the dreams of people who are overly concerned about appearances.
  • When the clothes in your dream are old or very stained , it means that you have a lot of worries on your mind right now and you don’t really know how to get out of them. You fear failing and not achieving your goals, although you know that if you do nothing about it, you will not achieve them either. It is precisely that burden that makes you see clothes in this state. It is a signal to make you see that you have to change, move and fight for your goals. Failure, like everything else, has its positive side. When someone makes a mistake, they learn, and that is precisely what you need.
  • Dreaming of underwear or lingerie is a reflection of the dreamer’s personality. When someone dreams of this type of garment it is because he fixes too much on appearance, he gives it such importance that he believes that others will judge him for the same. If this is your case, we recommend you get away from your obsession a bit and look for the real concerns in life. Appearance is important, no one denies it, but it is not everything.
  • Buying clothes in dreams is undoubtedly a true paradise for young people especially. In these dreams there is usually no limit and you buy everything you want. What is really extracted from this dream is nothing more than the need to live a change, a progress or a new stage in life. The fact of dreaming of having new things means that there will really be a change and there will be news, they do not have to be material, in the life of the dreamer.
  • When a garment appears in the dream that is considered special and has a torn or unstitched, what is being symbolized is sadness. Something bad will happen or has already happened and you are going through a difficult time, although this does not mean that it is forever or extremely bad. Whatever it is, you will end up overcoming it and everything will be in a few bad days.
  • If you are a woman and you dream of a large collection of garments and you feel happy, it is because your immediate future will be positive and highly motivating. You are going to fill up the batteries and experience something new that will change your life no matter how simple it is. Enjoy these days and don’t let anything ruin them for you.
  • The elegant party clothes represent in dreams all those successes to be achieved. Seeing yourself wearing these finery makes you feel happy and totally proud, although the truth is that the real message speaks of goals to be achieved. You have many pending objectives and although you do not know very well how, if you continue fighting for them, you will achieve them.
  • Dreaming of clothes that are too tight that are uncomfortable is precisely a sign of real stress. There is something or someone in your life that does not allow you to live calmly and you are starting to get tired of this situation. You may be in a fairly controlled and overwhelming relationship, or your job is holding back your potential and making you uncomfortable. You will be the one to discover what it is that is causing you the burden, although surely you already have a slight idea.
  • Hanging clothes is a totally natural activity, although in dreams it reflects all those secrets or ideas that out of shame you have not been able to tell. It is possible that you are a shy person and it is difficult for you to share certain emotions or comments with the people around you, although it is true that we all need to vent from time to time and not repress everything inside. Find someone you trust and start confessing your thoughts and emotions to him, sure that your relationship is strengthened and you gain confidence in yourself.
  • If we dream that we pick up the hanging clothes and we feel a mixture of fear and shame, it is because precisely all those saved matters that we talked about in the previous case, we want them to continue as they are. This is another type of ad that we use to make us see the need to socialize and share more of ourselves. In the same way that we like others to trust us and open up, emotionally speaking, we must give in and learn to trust as well. When this dream appears it is because the dreamer is still much more reserved and this trait can really damage his life and social development.

Conclusion of dreaming about clothes

So far the dreams with the most common and requested clothes. Thanks to these interpretations you can get to know your concerns, your needs or even your immediate future better, although you should not forget that it is a process that requires experience and a lot of reflection.

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