Dreaming of clowns means disinterest, distrust, when dreaming about this our subconscious sends us a message that we should not trust certain people around us. Depending on the situation you find yourself with, the clown can mean multiple things.

If the clown stares at you this indicates that you are leading your life in a bad way, if the clown makes you laugh you should clear your mind of problems and avoid them at all costs, if the clown is a mime you will see yourself reflected in him and he will show you your behavior and how we treat the people around us.

Meanings of dreaming about clowns.

  • Bad or horror clowns, this means humiliation, that some person wants to make a fool of us in front of many people. This can occur with our friends or acquaintance of our same social class, who wants to see himself superior to us and looks for a way to make us look ridiculous.
  • Being dressed as a clown, when we have this type of dream we are making many mistakes in our life, whether in the workplace, love or personal. Dress in this way reflects that you do not feel happy or satisfied with the person you are.
  • Appearance of a clown, this indicates self-esteem problems, little or little personal acceptance, you fear making mistakes or saying the wrong things in public.
  • Surrounded by clowns, when we dream that we are surrounded by clowns or we are somewhere where only clowns are seen, it indicates that we are being badly influenced, we are in love, friendly or toxic work relationships, clowns represent the falsehood of the people around us for their colorful and excessive makeup or for the clown mask, which only indicates the disguised attitudes of each person around us.
  • Having nightmares with clowns, when we have nightmares and a clown appears in our dream means that we must stay focused on our goals, not let ourselves be carried away by other people, in this case the clown represents distraction, which can be interpreted with friendships or partner that takes you away from your personal growth.
  • Dreaming of a sad clown , dreaming of this type of clown is rare and puzzles us, since clowns are happy. This type of dream shows us the distrust we have in our loved ones such as the family, this distrust in most of the times they are not unfounded, this makes our relatives feel bad, betrayed since we do not trust them for reasons inexplicable.
  • Dreaming that you are going to buy or dress like a clown, this indicates our excessive confidence in people we know little or even in whom we do not know. This dream shows us how naive we are and wanting to see only the positive that people have, no matter how few they are.
  • Being chased by a clown, when we dream that we are running away from a clown, it means that we want to get away from our bad behavior or hide some aspect that makes us feel bad, such as being unfaithful, stealing, or cheating to win most or all of it.
  • Dreaming of clown dolls, this shows us our childish side, the unconcern we have in our lives, which can affect the work and love environment, since we do not behave as we should.
  • Dreaming of clown shoes, this indicates our tranquility to face problems and the way in which we lead our lives, although we are obsessive about preparation or behavior in events, these shoes indicate that we should take things more seriously than which is required.

Conclusion of dreaming about clowns

Dreaming of good or calm clowns, this indicates that we are surrounded by good people, who support us and accept us as we are, it also indicates that we are at peace with ourselves.

On many occasions we think that these types of dreams are bad things, when in reality they indicate our spirits, how we act, how we should act and that we should stick with our lives.

When interpreting a dream we must consider the environment in which we find ourselves and how it developed so that its interpretation is truthful. We can associate this type of dream with any other we have had, to complement our interpretation.

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