You do not necessarily have to be going through the worst moments of your life to dream of corpses , it is not always due to bad omens; So there is no need to fear, dreaming of a deceased body can be interpreted in different ways depending on the context in which the dream takes place, and here we will tell you some.

Many think that the reason for the dream is due to disorders or depression, there are several concepts and various meanings that are related to this type of dream. Some people after having a dream where a corpse appears may wake up with a start, but it is completely normal.

Meaning of dreaming about corpses

         Dreaming the corpse of another person: you can dream of the deceased body of a close friend, brother, an uncle, even that of your parents, this tells us that that existing friendship or personal relationship is doomed to failure, since it has gone through so many problems that there seems to be no remedy or solution, it is not exactly about a death, but metaphorical.

If you see the deceased body of a close person (friend) in your dreams, it can be interpreted as that there will be a great distance or estrangement from that person, and that regardless for whatever reason, you will not know more about that person and you will not return to communicate with him / her.

Dreaming of a large number of corpses: Dreaming of corpses is a way of telling yourself that throughout your life you will have a large number of achievements made, since despite the fact that you have gone through many inconveniences that have left a bad taste in the mouth, they are no longer present, resulting in times full of peace and prosperity.

Another meaning of this dream is that it tells us that we will be able to defeat various enemies and that with that victory we will achieve great rewards for our lives.

Dreaming of corpses floating in water: Water can be represented as a symbol of feelings or emotions, good and bad. Take into account the water, if it is in clean waters, it means that you are going through a stage of calm and internal tranquility where you have found time for yourself.

Dreaming of corpses that are in a coffin: in this case, the result is not pretty, it indicates a possible rather sad event, which is about to come to you, it is not known with certainty if it is soon, or far away.

But there is a great difference that must be emphasized, in the possible case that said corpse is being buried, it can be interpreted as that in a short time you will take a weight off your shoulders, granting you relief. You have gone through many problems and bad times, and the time has come to forget them and thus you can find the tranquility and well-being that you have always sought.

Dreaming of corpses of infants: it is a signal for you to take some time and analyze what your actions have been, that is, that something in your life is not quite right. It is a way of telling you to change and be much more careful with all the decisions you make, as they can harm you in the future.

To dream that you talk with corpses:  maybe, in your family there are many secrets that they kept among themselves, and that will now be revealed, in one way or another. We can also say that these dreams are a signal that your subconscious gives you, you must be much more honest with both your friends and your family.

Dreaming of corpses of relatives:  This type of dreams brings with it a great burden of concern towards our closest ones, but believe us that there is nothing you should worry about, since observing the deceased body of a relative prophesies that this person you will have a long life with great health.

Conclusion of dreaming about corpses

After all that has been said, we could come to the conclusion that dreaming of a corpse can be the representation of a great personal change, which must be carried out as soon as possible, since you are facing some aspect of yourself which is no longer there and has removed some problems from above, and that is something that must be left in the past

It has something to do with relationships, both as a couple and as a family, maybe you have not overcome the problems you have experienced, and it is about time you did.

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