Dreaming of these crustaceans has its own meanings, because you already know that according to the dreamer’s emotions, experiences and the context of the dream, the interpretations vary from the most positive to the negative. Although there are several meanings, this symbol is associated with matters of the heart, in fact, it reflects the strength of a sentimental relationship in which all the obstacles that life poses are overcome.

In any case, we cannot reduce a symbol as important as crabs to a single interpretation. For this reason, we detail below the dreams with these animals that we have found with the highest percentage among the world population.

Meaning of dreaming about crabs

  • Seeing a crab in dreams is due to your strong personality. You are a person of strong convictions and persevering. It is this perseverance in your projects that makes you achieve many of the objectives that you set for yourself, but it is also true that you are not the only one who knows how to do things. You have had more than one problem and you will have if you do not learn to trust and delegate to others, because you learn from mistakes.
  • A crab approaching you means reflection. Something in your relationships is wrong. It may be a problem with a particular friend, with a relative or with your romantic partner. You are going to have to get away from that person for a while to be able to analyze the relationship cold and come to the conclusion of whether it really suits you to keep that person in your life.
  • If it is rather a group of crabs that approach and even follow you wherever you go, good news, your relationships will improve. It is true that we do not know exactly what type of relationships you are referring to, but it is totally certain that your romantic relationship is going to become much more solid and resistant.
  • To dream that you kill a crab is because you hide or oppress feelings. Although it is not a bad dream in itself, it is true that you should start to free yourself and learn to express your emotions. As long as you are able to convey what you think without offending, you will be able to feel liberated from that great burden you carry.
  • If you eat crab it is because very soon something interesting is going to happen in your love life. Although it is usually associated with negative aspects, they are actually new changes and events in the relationship. It is true that fights or uncomfortable situations may appear, but if you know how to control your character, you will save the relationship.
  • Grabbing one or more crabs with your bare hands means that Cupid has felt sorry for you. You are going to have very good love news. If you already have a partner, you will feel the emotion of the first days and you will remember why you love that person so much, while if you are single, you will finally find a special person who will stand out from the rest. This applies as long as the attitude of the crabs is calm, because if they attack you it is because you will have a problem in your relationship.
  • Dreaming of several crabs around you , static and experiencing some fear, are bad news. This dream is associated with problems of conscience, because you have done something wrong. It can be from a simple discussion in which you have not measured your words or some selfish act that characterizes us so much as people. Start to do memory to find out what it is about and as soon as you solve it, you will have a clear conscience.
  • If you have just started a romantic relationship and you are a young person, dreaming about crabs is not a positive thing. Arguments are going to be part of your routine and the relationship may be long and stormy. In some cases relationships with very different people work, although it is not usual. Try not to get carried away and reflect on your future before giving yourself completely and destroying what can be a friendship relationship.

Conclusion of dreaming about crabs

And these are the dreams starring crabs and their respective interpretation. As you can see there are meanings of all kinds, because you will never be able to understand a dream if you do not stop to analyze the details and the context. We hope we have helped you in your inquiries and we encourage you to share your dream with us.

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