What does it mean to dream of crows

Crows have always been quite negative animals, because nobody likes to dream about them because they carry that negative charge with them. They are usually associated with health problems, accidents, deception or betrayal, however, depending on the situation, how you have felt while dreaming or your experiences, your dream with crows can have a most innocent and positive explanation.

Before getting carried away by appearances and rumors, check here the true meaning of your dream with crows. If you have been seeing many crows recently, have thought about them or have had any kind of contact with them in your life, chances are that your dream is simply reflecting elements of your environment without any double intention.

Meaning of dreaming about crows

  • Dreaming of a crow standing in front of you means that you are going to be the victim of some deception. In these cases, the most common deceptions are usually those of the sentimental field. If you are in a relationship, it is possible that you have been cheated on with someone else or they are hiding something very important that you will not like to discover. Be that as it may, try to talk more with your partner and be as honest as possible. In this way your partner will open up to you and you can start the relationship again free of secrets.
  • When are several crows that appear and fight among themselves , looking someone in your hurt. Envy is the main reason this person wants to hurt you, because you have something they want and they don’t know what to do to get it. Most likely, he has no way of having it and that is what causes his bad actions. Act normally even if you see strange attitudes and try to be as generous as possible with that person, because deep down they only feel inferior.
  • Many crows around you means that it is not just one person who is jealous of you. You have several people in your life who try to harm you in any way and all this is again caused by jealousy and envy. The biggest problem with this is that some of these people have your complete confidence and you would never imagine that you are a cause for envy. You will have to be very careful and not let anyone take anything from you that you have achieved with your effort.
  • The gaze of a crow means bad luck. It is a signal that indicates that everything that you expected to leave to chance, most likely will go wrong. More than one problem will appear in your life, but do not worry because it will be a matter of time before you start to recover and overcome all the obstacles you encounter along the way.
  • A group of crows dead or in very bad condition symbolizes the deserved punishment that all those who seek to harm you will have. It is something that you may not be aware of, but anyone who tries to harm you will have a punishment in proportion to the negative thoughts towards you. They will not be immediate punishments but will take their time to appear. You are a good person and you would never be happy for someone else’s evil, so life treats you precisely in this regard.
  • A crow hovering over you is certainly a very bad omen. This dream is closely related to death. Try to spend as much time as possible with your sick relatives and learn to value their lives more, because no one is forever. If, for example, the crow flying away and you can barely distinguish it, do not worry because they will not be matters as serious as death and you will be able to overcome the obstacles that arise.
  • Being attacked by a group of crows means financial failure. You are going to suffer certain losses that you didn’t expect at all but are necessary. It will not be anything serious but it is true that you will have to tighten your belt until you recover your initial state. To try to avoid further losses, do not get carried away by any investment and investigate before if it will really be profitable for you.
  • When someone attacked by crows is someone else, it means that it will be someone close to you who will have to overcome great problems. As a good friend or family member, we encourage you to help that person. Nothing better than someone so close to you to help, because that person will show you their appreciation more than once.

Conclusion of dreaming about crows.

Crows often act as alarms in our dreams, and although it is true that they tend to be negative things that they portend, they can always be avoided or at least reduced. Whatever your dream, do not be alarmed and let what has to happen happen. Now surely you begin to appreciate your health and that of your family or friends much more.

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