The dream of dead can be interpreted as omens bad, probably something wrong with this to happen, we must also take into account what relationship exists between the person who had the dream and the deceased who appeared in it, depending on this dream can take many meanings different, although in general most are bad.

Dreaming of deceased dead never leaves a good feeling, in the world of spiritism it is believed that dreams with the deceased are a direct communication with them, it is generally thought that they try to warn us of something, even if there is no dialogue with the deceased.

Meanings of dreams with deceased

  • Dreaming of deceased relatives : dreaming of a deceased relative even if it is an ancestor that you have not known has a very powerful and concrete meaning, these come to give you information about your own personality, how you are behaving and your way of carrying life.

If the relationship that existed between the deceased relative and you was very close, it may mean that you miss that person and if it was complicity, you may be needing the support that person gave you.

Sometimes your subconscious brings to your dreams the memory of that person as an acknowledgment that you left unfinished business. Many times the dream that you may have with a deceased reveals that you have not yet managed to overcome their death.

  • Dreaming that a deceased is alive : it is one of the most recurrent dreams with the deceased , most of the time it is a memory that that person is no longer with you physically, it is to be expected that a deceased person, especially if you were fond of him, continue to live in your memory and dreams.

But mainly dreams where the deceased is alive mean that you are trying to resolve the feelings you had towards that person.

  • Dreaming of your deceased parents : when your parents are present in your dreams you should feel calm and happy, it is a way in which they approach you, you can take it as a visit or a meeting to remind you of their love for you.

They may also be expressing to you the protection they provide you at all times. If you constantly dream about them, they may be warning you of some unpleasant event, but in which they will be supporting you and above all protecting you.

  • Dreaming of the dead floating on water : that depends a lot on how the water is. Water represents emotions, renewal and feelings, if the deceased is on dirty waters then negative situations will come to your life that will cause you suffering, serious illnesses, even death itself.

If the water on which the deceased floats is clean then you can be calm, you are going through a stage of harmony and peace. If the water is flowing you can take it as you are overcoming the loss of that person and you are letting go of that bad experience.

  • Dreaming of deceased friends : good friends will always want the best for you, so if a deceased friend appears in your dream it is to remind you that you must be happy and live life to the fullest, leave sadness aside and take advantage of the moments that they can no longer.
  • Dreaming of the deceased who speak to you: dreams with the deceased who speak to us can have infinities of meanings, especially because of what they can tell us in the dream, usually this type of dream warns us of difficult times. If they are the parents who speak to you, it means the fear of facing life without them.
  • Dreaming of the deceased crying : this depends on the way the deceased is crying. If you see him crying with anger, it can be a way of expressing his annoyance with you, perhaps because you are forgetting him, but if he cries in a more compassionate way, he may be warning you of difficult situations.

Conclusion of dreaming of the deceased

Dreaming of the deceased can cause sadness, many people take it as a nightmare or something paranormal, but the truth is that these dreams are loaded with meanings so it is important to try to remember every detail of the dream and in this way get the answer to it.

When the deceased appear in your dreams it is to give you a message so the details of the dream will be fundamental. 

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