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Dogs are, along with cats, the companion animals par excellence, because their loyalty to their owners is something really amazing. Although not everyone likes them, dogs are pets that become part of the family and are considered as one more member of it. This makes dogs have a really important role in our lives.

Whether you are one of those who adores dogs or those who prefer to be away from them, it is very possible that one of them sneaks into your dreams. This has a meaning, but not all dreams with dogs mean the same, so we reveal below the interpretations to the most common dream contexts with dogs.

Meaning of dreaming about dogs

  • Dreaming of a black dog symbolizes betrayal. Someone in your environment seeks to harm you in any way, so we recommend that you go with all possible caution to avoid having what is yours taken from you or damaging your image. This may seem like a small thing, but if someone is dedicated to damaging your reputation at work for example, you could be the next fired from the company due to such comments. Take good care of who you associate with and don’t forget to measure your words.
  • When the dog of your dream is white it means that contrary to the previous case, you are going to have a period of good luck. Good fortune will come into your life and most likely it will be in the sentimental and work sphere. In addition, if you are a woman, it is very likely that the relationship with your partner will become more stable and formal or you can start a new romantic relationship. In general it is a positive dream so you do not have to worry.
  • If the dog of your dream is very affectionate and friendly, it means that you are a very sociable, open person and with a great gift of people. It does not mean that you like being the center of attention, but everyone who is close to you feels comfortable and you love to talk to everyone. You know that you can learn from anyone and you do not have any prejudices, which allows you to interact with people of all kinds without problems.
  • Being surrounded by many small dogs in dreams is because you are a somewhat cloudy person. You have no reason to do it but you distrust everyone and you are not entirely transparent. Instead of acting up front and talking things over, you prefer to be mean and act behind your back. This attitude is going to hurt you a lot, because you are going to have a lot of problems finding friends or a partner.
  • When several dogs appear in your dream and they are in bad condition, it is because some other problem is approaching your life. It can be small, unimportant situations or serious complications, everything will depend on the emotions experienced during sleep and the state of the dogs. The more damaged they are, the worse the events will be.
  • If you are the owner of the dog that appears in your dream and it is also intelligent , it means that in your life you can become a successful person. It is possible that you will be able to prosper at a professional level and reach that very successful position that you have always wanted, although it is not always like that and it may be a success related to any other field.
  • Seeing a dog chase another animal to hunt it means that you are going to enjoy some achievement that you have been wanting for a long time. Of course, you will not be so lucky as to fulfill all your dreams, but if you focus on one of them and fight to the end, do not doubt that you will achieve it and in less time than you imagine. The important thing about this dream is knowing how to recognize the opportunity when it arises, so you should consider this alert as that moment that you have been waiting for so much.
  • When a dog bites you in your dreams, it is a sign of future problems. It is possible that even you are not the cause of the problems or adverse situations, but someone very close to you is. Due to the close relationship you have with that person, you will be forced in some way to act in his defense and help him as much as possible. It is usually a relative, although we cannot confirm it one hundred percent.
  • The howl of a dog is also a rather negative sign in dreams. It is associated with the loss of a relative or close person. It is undoubtedly the worst dream related to dogs, although it can serve as an alert to get used to the idea. Surely you already have a slight idea of ​​who it is, so we recommend you go say goodbye and spend as much time as possible with that person.
  • Seeing how a group of dogs growl and fight each other means that you should be careful with that friend who usually makes somewhat offensive comments, because in the next one, you may be the one affected and it will be more serious than usual. It is very important that you show your anger about it and never stop losing the forms you clarify your opinion. If you minimize it, attribute it to their way of being and let the comment pass, there will be many more that you will have to endure over the years.
  • If you are a woman and you have dreamed of a beautiful dog whose beauty stood out more than anything else, it is because you tend to be selfish and somewhat possessive. This negative attitude hurts you more than anyone else, so you must learn little by little to be more generous and share. A simple and effective way is to treat others as you would like to be treated.
  • Finally, dreaming that you are chased by a police dog translates into toxic relationships that do not bring you anything. You should do a cleaning of toxic friendships, because they are people who do not have to be bad, but it is true that they bring nothing good into your life. Reflect on it and as difficult as it may be to leave behind friends that you really appreciate, do not let their way of acting or seeing life change your personality.

Conclusion of dreaming about dogs

Dreaming of animals always brings the most curious meanings to our lives, but it is always better to know them than to ignore them. If you want to start discovering everything that your dreams say about you or your nearest future, do not hesitate to consult our dream dictionary and share your own experiences with us.

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