There are many interpretations to dream of dragons and that is because they belong to the oriental culture where their existence is wrapped in magic so once it happens to you that one of them appears in your dream you have to analyze all the aspects around it to give it the correct meaning .

Dreams are very important because they are messages that the subconscious reveals to us, so if dragons can have positive and negative connotations, it is best to be able to understand what happens to improve a moment in life.

Meaning of dreaming about dragons

  • Dreaming of flying dragons: for this type of dream the person is transmitting their need to live new experiences, have a little more freedom to do what they have always dreamed of, change the routine for new ways of leading life, perhaps from a more relaxed or adventurous point.

It is possible that you not only have to analyze your personal life but also your work life because sometimes in this sense it affects your entire environment and you feel that it is time to look for other options that give you more independence.

  • Dreaming of Chinese dragons: if a mythological dragon appears in your dream, these belong to the oriental culture and you can see it from the aspect that in your life people with wisdom will approach you and will transmit you very important advice.
  • Dreaming of colored dragons: for those who dream of green dragons this means a trait of your personality, it is necessary that you remember that you are a hard-working person and that you do not rest until you achieve your goals, remembering it will prevent you from grieving in the face of a bad situation.

For those who dream of white dragons this is more associated with their current state of mind, as you feel in a state of peace and tranquility you may be having the perfect opportunity to make decisions.

If it is a red dragon then this will not bring you anything good because it announces family and personal problems, in view of the situation it is better to be attentive if the situation that leads to misunderstandings has not yet arisen to avoid further complications.

  • Dreaming of riding dragons: it is interpreted as that this is the time of your life for you to make important decisions and thus take the reins to make the most important decisions that will take you on the path you want.
  • Dreaming of a dragon that expels fire: it is not that it is a bad omen in your dream, but it is an aspect to take into account because it conveys that as a person you are taking an aggressive attitude to achieve your goals and this is careful because someone can get hurt.
  • Dreaming of dragon fights: this dream would be the demonstration of a part of your personality that you are developing, your brave and adventurous side is afloat to demonstrate it when trying to achieve your goals.

In the event that the dream reaches the end and you are successful, it would mean that you will achieve something proposed, you are about to succeed in a proposed goal.

If the opposite happens then logically you have lost, this would be due to the fact that some obstacle or difficulty has prevented you so you must get going to overcome it.

  • To dream that we are fleeing from a dragon: this type of dream represents our fears of getting what we really want, it manifests itself in selfish people who do not want to leave their comfort zone, it is time to face your challenges and fight with those that you prevent reaching them.

Conclusions of dreaming about dragons

If it is very rare for a person to have dragons in their dreams, they should only be attentive to the details because, just as they have a magical character, it is intimately related to your personality.

Many characteristics of the person are manifested through dreams and the important thing is to be able to interpret them in the correct way to make improvements in a particular situation in our lives.

As its symbolism is within stories and fantasies, they can be a way of showing us that in any aspect it is something new that we do not know and that we are going to face it for better or for worse, the result depends on us.

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