Dreaming of drawing means the need to express feelings that can make us vulnerable to others that happen to shy introverts who find it difficult to relate to others.

Other interpretation to dream of drawing is to be guided by instinct when you reason many things, it does not allow your feelings to guide you but the logical part is who decides. The meanings of drawing are different depending on where the drawings are made.

Meaning of dreaming about drawing

  • Dreaming of drawing abstract figures can reflect the state of mind with which the person fell asleep.
  • Dreaming of drawing a specific object means that it represents an important position in the life of the painter.
  • To dream that you see another person drawing is interpreted that the person who paints in the dream is very important for the one who is dreaming.
  • Dreaming of drawing a circle means that you transform your defects into virtues.
  • Dreaming of drawing your self-portrait represents what you reflect to other people, how you are internally, take time to be alone and meditate on your inner being.
  • To dream of drawing a cartoon not to make other people the reasons for your jokes or ridicule, you do not know if tomorrow you will be the one who will be made fun of.
  • We dream of a drawing of ourselves is a situation we go through that can bring us complications, also if we have a romantic relationship, be objective, not to make the other person an idol.
  • Dreaming of drawing a newly bought painted picture is interpreted by the pure feeling that another person is feeling towards you.
  • Dreaming of drawing a drawing that represents another drawing does not announce that you will meet people you have never dealt with, you will make new friends.
  • Dreaming of drawing landscapes represents an economic increase in businesses where you have sold some material or real estate.
  • To dream of drawing that you are the author of a drawing represents the growth of the family, the arrival of children, visits from distant places can be friends or relatives.
  • Dreaming of drawing many pictures warns you that you will live new stages in your life with enriching experiences announcement of very good news from family members
  • Dreaming of drawing smiling faces tells you that you are a happy person, you feel blissfully happy.
  • Dreaming of drawing sad faces you can go through moments of deep pain such as infidelity, betrayal.
  • Dreaming that you draw an ugly face can be the reflection that you do not feel comfortable with yourself.
  • Dreaming that you draw faces that express fear can be a clear reflection of situations that disturb you, keep you on your toes with stress.
  • Dreaming of drawing familiar faces means that you are going to feel comfortable for the arrival of a person outside your life but for whom you feel a certain compatibility.
  • To dream that you draw an apple of a very intense red color means health of your body, vigor, energy, vitality.
  • Dreaming of drawings of large green lemons means the green color the hope you feel in life, the lemon freshness, clean air, moments that can come into your life with a slight bitter taste.
  • Dreaming of drawings of strange but not very clear faces that you are always questioned, criticized, embarrassed by someone around you.
  • Dreaming of drawing faces without a defined shape is a clear sign that you are clueless, you should pay attention and not be distracted.
  • Dreaming of drawing heads with big ears means paying more attention to what other people tell us for good.
  • Dreaming of drawing big mouths on human faces tells us that we must be more discreet with comments we make with other people, not be gossipy or repeat the gossip of others.
  • Dreaming of drawing and coloring is interpreted as the beginning of an affective relationship, where we have expectations for the future with that person
  • Dreaming of drawing an object with well-defined lines  tells us that we are perfectionists.
  • To dream of drawing an animal, animals are always the inspiration for moments of tenderness, emotional ties, very great lasting relationships.
  • Dreaming of drawing a tree the desire to grow strong being of a strong personality.
  • Dreaming of drawing with many colors is an expression of being spontaneous joyful creative, as well as a person open to change who enjoys learning about new things.

Conclusions of dreaming about drawing

This type of dreams is closely related to the internal personality of each individual, showing reservations and fears to relate to other people, as well as difficulty in expressing

Their feelings, repressed by the fear of being criticized or exposed to being embarrassed, are hidden behind an image that they project that is not their own.

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