Dreaming of your ex-partner is not strange at all, because it is about a person who is or has been very important to you and that mark that he has left on you is still present in dreams. In some cases the appearance of an old love in dreams is simply due to that affection that still remains and that makes you miss him, although this is not always the case.

So that you know the meanings of this dream much better, we are going to detail the different contexts and their respective elements. Do not be carried away by appearances and find out the meaning of your dream before running to that person to try to return.

Meaning of dreaming about your ex partner

  • In general, dreaming of an ex means that you left something in the pipeline. You have something pending and you don’t know how to fix it. If it is a conversation, we recommend you open up and tell your ex everything you think, but always with respect and without ulterior motives. Whether that person deserves it or not, you should learn to forgive and deal with all the love in the world.
  • If you are at a time in your life when you do not have a partner and you have dreamed of an ex, it means that deep down you are wanting to return to that person. You miss many things that that relationship gave you, although it is true that if you stop to think you know that it is not convenient for you to remove the past. Surely you will find someone special who will give you back the illusion and everything that you are so wanting to live.
  • When you have a partner and dream of an old love it is because you have some problems with your current partner. It may be that you do not finish falling in love with this person and your subconscious reminds you of other relationships in which you managed to give yourself completely. You are going to have to do an exercise in reflection and seriously think about whether it is convenient for both parties to continue with this relationship.
  • If you have a partner, you dream of your ex but you feel full and happy in your current relationship, something is not quite right. It is very possible that there is something about your current partner that you are missing and that your ex partner did contribute to you. In these cases, it is normal for you to remember the positive aspects of an old partner, because we always tend to compare and even if it is not quite right, it is inevitable.
  • Dreaming of your ex when you are not quite right with your current partner is because deep down you know that it does not work. If your ex also appears in your dream as a protector or great support with whom you feel better, it is because you really need to fix your current situation. Either you try to solve the problems you have with your partner or you decide to leave it to start from scratch with someone who really gives you everything you need. Although it may sound drastic, in many cases this is the best option, because when one part of the relationship is not right, the other is not right either. It’s about finding a balance in which you both benefit.

Conclusion of dreaming about your ex partner

So far the dreams in which your ex-partner becomes the protagonist of your dream. Do not worry about it, much less feel guilty. No one can control their dreams and there is nothing wrong with remembering the good times, even with a person from the past. We hope we have helped you better understand your own intention and need when it comes to a couple.

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