dream of father

Dream of father ; The father figure is a fundamental basis in the family, it is the protector of every child, which is why it is always present throughout our lives. Whether the father is alive or deceased, he plays a great role in the life of every human being. If he is dead, it may represent the need for your affection.

But there is also the counterpart of that loving protector, since it can mean whoever puts obstacles to our goals, to fun, to our way of wanting to live life through prohibitions, scolding and punishments.

Meaning of dreaming about father

Dreaming of a father can reveal us attachments or wounds stored in the subconscious that we did not know were there, the meaning of these dreams also depends on our mood.

  • If you dream of your own father: it may be that a problem arises where the parental advice is required to solve it
  • If the father is deceased: it may mean that the problem is serious and that you should be cautious. In the event that our father is really no longer with us, it can mean homesickness, fear and the need for advice and the support that we are requiring.
  • A woman in love who dreams that her father has died while he is alive: she warns that her love relationships are going astray and that her suitor is not acted are seriousness, honesty and loyalty. We must be attentive to this dream to avoid betrayals of the couple.
  • If we see our father with a severe aspect: our subconscious is signaling us complexes of guilt and remorse for inappropriate behavior. It can also mean arguments and problems with our superiors.
  • If our father appears loving and benevolent: it indicates that we are lacking in affection, we feel in need of protection and communication with our elders. We are needing the support of that prop in our life.
  • Dreaming of our father on his deathbed: it is synonymous with concern, since it announces problems at the emotional and family level.
  • To dream that our father has a mistress: it means that there is a disconnect between him and us.
  • Seeing our dad drunk: he tells us that with the help of someone we are going to be freed of emotional charge.
  • If in the dream we become a father: it means that we are prepared to face all the tests that come our way. But it can also mean fear and insecurity to exercise control over others.
  • To dream that our father punishes us – portends unpleasant moments and unfair reprisals from people important to us.
  • If our father is advising us: it is because our own mind is connected with his and promises us good things, it can also mean lack of advice, need for affection.
  • To dream that our father protects us: it indicates to us that we are in need of support, understanding and solidarity.
  • Dreaming of a sick father: it is the most common dream of children and young people who seek approval of their initiatives. Also because of the fear generated by the loss of the figure of command and protection. Adults can also have this dream.
  • Dreaming of an angry father: it leads us to think that our conscience is betraying us if we have done something wrong judging our attitude. The guilt complex leads us to that dream to warn us that we are possibly harming people around us. If in the dream our father is very violent, it means that at work someone has total control over us.
  • If in the dream we kill our father: it indicates that we are worried about the situation in which we are living.
  • To dream that our father is marrying another woman who is not our mother: it means that someone is pretending to be a person who is not.

Conclusion of dreaming about father

As we have seen, that the different dreams with a father generate positive and negative attitudes. The father in the dream represents the obligations and restrictions of life; because a father is the one who sets the rules in the family and does everything possible to enforce them.

Basically dreaming of a father is related to affective events of the person who dreams, it indicates that we must show authority, power and strength in our family.

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