We can say that dreaming with feet can mean that your life is going to give a total or radical change (take a great trip, move to another city, change workplace, among others.) Although it is not frequent to dream of feet as protagonists of the dream, even so in the dream world the feet are loaded with many meanings.

We all know that dreams are mysterious events and many times people do not understand that sometimes the subconscious is trying to tell us something. Feet are a very intimate part of our body, so dreaming about them can express our deepest feelings.

Meanings of dreaming about feet

  • Dreaming of dirty feet : having this type of dream can mean or suggest that in a certain way you feel modesty when it comes to compromising situations. It is also interpreted as remembering or as the fear of an embarrassing situation, be it speaking in public, having panic or stage fright, failure at school level etc.

This type of dream is usually common in reserved or shy people who seek to be approved by others, people with low self-esteem who need others to approve them to feel good about themselves.

  • Dreaming that your feet do not fit in your shoes : it may be that you feel that way in real life, that is to say that you do not fit. This indicates your fear of feeling left out or perhaps rejected. You may be overly concerned about fitting into your circle of friends or your work environment.
  • Dreaming of injured or poorly cared for feet : it means that you have abandoned yourself or that you have been left aside. Maybe lately you don’t care about your image or that you are being careless with yourself.

It is also likely that when dreaming of injured feet there are internal conflicts or problems that are daily and that must be solved, that is to say, try to close those cycles.

  • Dreaming of bare feet on the grass : it means that your dreams and illusions can be fulfilled since experts indicate that the color green is associated with hope and this type of dream augurs a great omen.
  • Dreaming of red feet : announces that soon there will be changes, whether or not you separated from your partner etc. This dream is serious and should not be taken lightly, you have to be cautious, that is, you must remember all the details of the dream.
  • Dreaming that you are looking at your own feet : the correct interpretation that dream people give to this type of dream is that you are subjected to other people and that you are ashamed of it. Perhaps it is due to the fact that you do not like your job.
  • Dreaming of calluses on your feet : it can mean that you lack time to develop the projects you have in mind, you must perfect them before making them a reality for it to work well.
  • Dreaming of pain in the feet : this type of dream can be interpreted according to experts as feeling insecure with the feelings towards the loved one, it is recommended that you talk to her if the dream is frequent.
  • Dreaming of the absence of both feet : if you dream that you do not have feet but in the dream you do not feel any kind of pain, this is alerting you to better plan your future projects so that they bear good fruit.
  • Dreaming of the absence of a foot : this portends that you will have problems with a future project, and that you should delay it before starting it, especially if it is a large or ambitious project since there is a risk that it will not turn out well.
  • Dreaming of an acquaintance whose feet are missing : this type of dream tells us that we have been unfair to a close person or of our environment, and perhaps we do not give him the value he deserves and we owe him an apology.

Conclusion of dreaming with feet

Dreams have different connotations and the meaning can vary depending on the context of each person. If a child dreams of feet and dreams that they are dirty this can reveal a feeling of guilt. But if someone professional, for example a footballer, is the one who has this dream, this may indicate commitment, effort and desire to achieve victory.

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