You don’t have to be an aggressive person or have seen many boxing movies to dream of a fight. The truth is that it is a dream that appears at any age and at any time, although it is true that children do not usually have this type of aggressiveness in dreams. Oddly enough, these dreams reveal many details of the dreamer’s own personality that he often tries to hide or ignore. We want to help you resolve your internal conflicts so that you can improve your quality of life.

Although it is true that money is important in life, it is true that it does not bring happiness. This is something we should remember more often. Something as simple as stopping to reflect for a few minutes a day can help us understand those messages that come from the subconscious during dreams and thus improve our mood. Being happy or at least being happy with the little things is an ideal way to start living quietly.

We know that interpreting dreams is not an easy task, that’s why we unravel the meanings of the contexts that are most often repeated in society. Find everything that is similar to your dream and carefully analyze the interpretation. Only in this way will you be able to understand the message that you are trying to make yourself see.


Dream meaning of fight

  • The general meaning that emerges from these fighting dreams is that of oppressed feelings. There is nothing worse than keeping everything inside so as not to offend anyone or not to disturb. People differ from animals by our ability to reason, among other things, so we have the power and need to express what we think at all times. It is true that we cannot always say the first thing that comes to mind, but hiding what one feels all the time is very harmful even to health. On the other hand, some authors relate the fights in dreams with the frustration stages that the dreamer could be going through. In these cases, the person feels bad for not being able to do anything about a problem or having struggled to fulfill their dreams.
  • Another interpretation of a quite popular fight in dreams explains the struggle or effort required in the workplace. In these cases, a strong fear is usually experienced, because you are aware that you are gambling something as important as your job. You may have competition among co-workers or you may be going through times of great stress in which you have to try harder than you should. In both cases, it is advisable to relax and start showing your worth without exceeding your limits.
  • To dream that you are fighting with someone you know is because some situations are going to appear in your life that you did not have. It does not have to be anything bad, although it is true that you will have to work hard to solve everything you want to change. You are going to have someone close to you against you but do not worry because they will realize their mistake and end up supporting your decision. The only thing we can advise is that before acting, think very well what you are going to do or say, you do not have to shout or offend anyone when that person does not have the same point of view.
  • If in your dream you lived a fight but family or between friends very close to you, it is because you have certain personal aspects of your life hidden that will end up splashing you if you do not tell them as soon as possible. It is not good to keep quiet, especially if it affects other people and can be remedied. Within all this we find exceptions of course, although in your case it would be very beneficial if you began to get rid of those burdens that you have hidden.
  • Seeing a fight in dreams but without participating in it is related to the work field again. Problems may arise at work and even if they do not affect you directly, your work may be somewhat modified. It does not have to be a negative sign, although it is usually related to the dismissal of a colleague whom you have affection or some unforeseen event that you will have to solve.
  • When you are fully involved in the fight it is because you have problems approaching your life. We do not know what kind of problems they can be, although the more aggressive and bigger the fight, or rather, your fear or feeling of danger, the greater the adversity. Now that you know it, it is convenient for you to gather strength and courage to face everything that comes. Surely this way you do not get carried away by the easy path, that of surrender.
  • Defending someone in a fight when you dream symbolizes respect or change. Both interpretations are very different although it can be complemented. On the one hand, it relates to respected people who are listened to, although on the other hand it speaks of people who need to make a change in their life or make an important decision. In the latter case, it is important to know that the decision you make will be crucial for your future, so think carefully before choosing.
  • A sentimental fight is a warning sign in dreams. That person may be the love of your life, but if those fights also happen in real life and are regular, something is wrong. This dream usually represents as hard as it may seem the lack of connection between the two. You should reflect on your relationship and if necessary, leave it to start a new life. When both parties are mature and make the decision to break up for the good of both, breakups get along better than you can imagine.

Conclusion of dreaming about fight

The fights as you have seen are not as negative as it may seem at first. It is true that sometimes they bring bad news, but we must also see the good side and take advantage of that advantage to better know how to face what life has in store for us. We end here with the meaning of dreaming about fights and we hope we have helped you find the answers you were looking for.

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