Surely like the rest of the world’s population, you have once fantasized about the option of flying. It is precisely this desire that has led many people to try activities such as bungee jumping, paragliding or skydiving. Man has always wanted to know what it is to fly free like a bird and even today we are surprised when we see an airplane take off.

In general, flying is related to freedom, with that happiness of being able to control the movements and direction of your path. Although this is only a very broad appreciation of this dreamlike element, which is more of an action, we will now specify some of the context-related meanings.

Meaning of dreaming about flying

  • To dream that you are a bird that flies happily , in addition to being a most pleasant dream that we would all like to experience, means that you are going to be able to enjoy a period of luck in which it will be hard for you to believe how easily you achieve it. what do you want. Our advice is to make the most of these opportunities, because you never know how long it will last and you should start introducing yourself to environments that interest you, professionally speaking, as they will help you prosper.
  • If you dream that you are flying but with your human body it is because it knows that you have achieved something that you have been pursuing for a long time. Happiness has come to your life, and although another goal always appears after one goal, now you can relax to enjoy a little of everything that thanks to your effort you have achieved. It is important that you find a certain balance between your obligations and your leisure moments, because it is not advisable to forget your responsibilities to focus only on pleasure. If you achieve this balance, you will have a full and satisfying life.
  • Flying at high altitude is associated, in people already married or engaged, with moments of rest. It is a long time that you have been with a person and although your love is very strong, living together all the time with a routine that hardly undergoes changes, can become exhausting. If you do not want your relationship to deteriorate, you will have to look for activities with friends separately that allow you to disconnect and change your environment. This touch of freedom within commitment is what makes relationships strong.
  • When, on the contrary, the plane flies low it is because you have a free way to start that project or idea that you have in mind. If you give yourself completely to it, you will surely succeed. It is likely that you do not have the support of many people important to you, but keep going because once you achieve it, those people will change to agree with you and be there for whatever you want. Take it as a personal challenge in which you show your skills. You are the only person who sets the limits, because you have total freedom to choose what steps to take.
  • To dream that you are paragliding is a reflection of that great fear that you have towards something. You know that your fear is something exaggerated and that it prevents you from facing the problem that worries you so much. In this case it will be better that you do as in the dream and finally take a risk. No one better than you to begin to reflect on your fear and begin to overcome it.
  • When you fly over the sea in the dream, it is because your subconscious is sending you an alarm message. You have to do something to get out of the routine and improve your moments of freedom. Try new activities and although at first it may seem silly, you will surely regain the illusion again and your quality of life improves instantly. In some cases, when you have emotions of overwhelm or discomfort during sleep, it can symbolize the need to overcome a problem that you have in your life now. You know that the longer you take to fix it, the worse the consequences will be.
  • Finally, if it is a mountainous surface that you are flying over, it is because something is not right. There can be many aspects that cause this dream, from problems that really worry you to future accidents or circumstances that you never imagined. You are going to have to gather all the strength possible and manage to take flight to be safe from the sharp and dangerous rocks.

Conclusion of dreaming of flying

Flying is also a sign of freedom, an action that involves fear, dizziness or other concerns. The balance between the ground and the sky is the hardest thing to achieve in our lives, since extremes always end up damaging us. If you still have doubts about this type of dreams, do not hesitate to ask us and share your experience.

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