If dreams with bugs or with prisons are recorded and analyzed as notable elements, food could not escape this dictionary of dreams. A passion for many and a punishment for others, food is something that we like or it will not always be present in our lives, so its presence in dreams is most common and also revealing.

As you already know, the context of dreams and the dreamer’s own personality are decisive in their interpretation. Although it is quite a complex task, below we collect the most general dreams in which we find food as the main element of these visions that can affect us so much.

Meaning of dreaming about food

  • To dream that you eat the same food that you have recently eaten is because you are resentful of some event. It is not good to hide these types of emotions deep within you, so we recommend you release it and renew yourself with positive ideas and new ideas. A period of reflection in which you consider your actions and your projects will be good for you.
  • Eating food that is rotten or spoiled is a sign of insecurities and resentments appear again in dreams. All this set of emotional problems does not allow you to achieve your goals and also if you do not remedy them soon, this will affect your social relationships or your life as a couple.
  • If in the dream you only acquired a small portion of food , that is, you pecked, it is because you hide more than one secret. You do not dare to confess them and this does not allow you to be comfortable with yourself. You are a person who does not enjoy hiding the truth, so you should tell someone you trust about your situation so that they can help you find the best possible solution.
  • When in dreams they  offer you food and you reject it, it is out of pride, although not in a negative sense. You are maturing emotionally and have realized the value of many simple acts that you previously did not value at all. You may be looking for greater personal independence and this allows you to grow as a person. In your real life you can represent yourself with a new business of your own, a project or a move.
  • If, on the other hand, you beg for some food, it is because you still need to go through many experiences until you reach the maturity that you want so much. It can be related to the need to pass several decisive exams for your professional and personal future. Do not be overwhelmed by pressure and let it be your own illusion and effort that push you towards wisdom.
  • Eating seafood in dreams is the result after a period of great effort. Everything that you have fought for your dreams will be rewarded or at least recognized. That effort cannot be ignored and whatever the result, you will have a clear conscience for your perseverance.
  • The raw food in dreams reflect the disappointment you feel. You had all your illusion and hopes placed on a project or person and you have been totally disappointed with the result. It is true that these types of disappointments are usually quite painful, but you are a strong person who becomes even more resistant with bad experiences, so there is no harm that does not come.
  • To dream that you are eating in a relaxed environment means that you are experiencing a period of positive changes. Your life is going to undergo quite big changes but not at all worrisome, because they will help you progress at a professional level. Do not miss the offers that are going to be presented to you and trust a little more in your abilities, because only you set the limits.
  • When in dreams you are the most entertaining cooking , it is because good relationships are going to be established in the next few days. It is possible that your friendships or work relationships are reinforced, although if the food is quite strange and you are somewhat lost in the kitchen without knowing very well what to do, you are going to have some other problem. You are not clear about what you want and this will lead you to quite uncomfortable situations.
  • Burning the food you cook in dreams is a reflection of your immaturity. You need to improve your knowledge or skills and most importantly, your reflections. You are at an age when you should start to consider your goals in a much more serious and responsible way, without being influenced so much by your environment or friends. On the other hand, if the food you have prepared is bland and without any flavor, it is because several problems will appear. It will not be anything serious, although you will have to overcome the obstacles to be able to continue with your initial projects.

Conclusion of dreaming about food

Food is, in short, a reflection of everything around you, your friends, your environment and your concerns. From here we encourage you to find your dream so that you know yourself a little more and make a little reflection on your emotions and the moment in life in which you find yourself.

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