dream of friends

As you already know, as soon as we close our eyes and fall into a deep sleep, our mind begins to create those wonderful visions. The incredible thing is how intense they can be, because they make us feel extreme emotions. From the greatest joy to the deepest sadness. All this in a series of about 7 or 8 dreams each night.
Hopefully we remember a couple of these dreams, and in a matter of hours they will fade away. For this reason it is advisable to write down all possible data. In this way we can analyze them in a much more precise way. In this case, we are going to talk about dreams in which your friends appear in the dream. These are undoubtedly the most common elements in dreams.

Meaning of dreaming with friends

  • When a friend stays with you in the dream but you don’t cross a single word, it is because your relationship is solid. Your friendship is so strong that not even words are necessary. It is usually associated with pure friendship, unconditional help and support for that person.
  • On the other hand, if the one who appears in your dream is one of your best and oldest friends, it is because that project that you started recently is going to be good for you. It may even be a goal you have in mind or something that you have already started. Everything you do will have a good result and will make you grow as a person.
  • If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of many friends , it means that all this positive support will be rewarded with other successes. All these friendships are attributed to good news, successes on a personal, professional and sentimental level. Your life will be full and without big problems in sight. If you are still single, get ready because the love of your life is just around the corner.
  • When you have argued with a friend it is because something is wrong. It can be related to both work and personal matters, but something is going to happen. Fights never bring anything good and in this case it couldn’t be otherwise. Be careful and try to think hard before investing large amounts of money, as you are likely to lose it.
  • When dreaming of a couple of friends who are happy, it is because everything is going well. You feel comfortable and calm, surrounded by healthy friends who support you. Peace takes over the moment and is reflected in your real life. You do not have great worries and you feel that you are going to eat the world.
  • If you remember dreaming of a friend who slowly drifted away until he disappeared, it means that the support you need to find is more complex than you thought. You have many ideas, plans and even work projects that you cannot carry out due to lack of support. Change friendships if they are not healthy and try to be as good friends with others as you would like them to be with you, you will see how everything works out.
  • The feeling of shame appears in the dream when meeting an old friend is due to your conscience. Your mind knows that you have done something wrong, something that you should not have and that has marked you. Bad actions carry consequences and in this case even your own subconscious punishes you.

Conclusion of dreaming with friends

When experiencing a great depression in the dream and a certain loneliness it is because at this exact moment in your life you are not very lucky. You don’t feel covered enough by your friends. You seem to see how luck smiles on everyone except you. Do not worry, it is more of a feeling than a reality and in a short time your way of seeing things will change.

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