dream of grandparents

Dreaming of grandparents means love, protection, seeking wisdom in someone older, concerns that one has for some aspect of the family. In our dreams we could share good times with them and remember us as a child, talk with them and give us advice about life.

Despite this, not everything is good, dreaming about grandparents can mean that there are certain problems in the family.

Meaning of dreaming about our grandparents

  • Dreaming of grandfather: When we dream of grandfather , we imagine another father figure, and why not? He is the one who taught values, strength, and character to our parents. It could represent the desire to grow in the world, wanting to be strong in daily life situations.
  • Dreaming of grandmother: Dreaming of grandmother gives us a bit of tenderness and warmth, apart from conditional love. She, who is a super hero to us, who cares about the whole family. We dream of the taste of food, of the warmth of the home where we grew up and how we acquire knowledge of life.
  • If our grandparents are dead: Dreaming of grandparents who are not in this life makes us remember the love we had for them when they were alive, the time we shared with them and everything they meant to us.

Other times it is because of the sadness that one feels for not having them with you and you still have many things to say to them, many hugs and kisses that still need to be given. They tend to be one of the most beautiful dreams one can have.

  • Dreaming of the last hug of our grandparents: When dreaming of our grandparents we can do it in many ways, some imaginary and others real, memories that we have lived with them or moments that we wish they would pass.

The most difficult thing about all this is knowing that at some point you will wake up and everything will have been a dream, with the hope that when you go back to sleep you may see them again and talk to them, play games or just watch them.

At the end of everything, there will only be one last hug so that you can continue the rest of the day happily and calmly, with the pride of knowing that you are the grandson of a great person.

  • Dreaming of distance from our grandparents: Missing our grandparents a lot, we dream of them. This effect is produced by wanting to continue sharing with them and it causes us a certain happiness to talk to them for a while longer, but the distance does not allow them to see each other very often, there is nothing left but to have them in dreams.
  • What does it mean to dream of our grandparents: It can mean love, depending on how they appear in dreams. But in most of them they are there to give us and give them affection, that there is still a lot of love to show him and more than anything he means a role model for us.

It can also mean that we are trying to hide a part of ourselves, that some kind of problem happens in the family and the solution is not found. If it is their departure to another life, we are trying to assimilate their loss, we see the pain reflected in dreams and how much you will miss them.

You have to know how to pay attention to everything that refers to dreaming about grandparents, your subconscious may want to give you some advice through them, that you return to be the way you were before and that you follow their model of education and everything that they They would have wanted you to go

Conclusion of dreaming about grandparents

When we dream of grandparents, our subconscious allows us to see them in another instance, to speak with them in a more intimate way, to advise us and to continue sharing many pleasant moments with them.

Also knowing how to appreciate the value of the family and everything they have done for us, by educating us, giving us love and values. To not stop following in their footsteps regardless of the circumstances and most important of all, knowing that we will never forget them, whether they are alive or not with us.

Every time they show up there, we can show them all the affection that maybe in life we ​​could not give them and that they will always be there when we need a hug from someone important to the family and us.

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