Dreaming of honey is in itself an announcement of good things, it does not have any negative context. It leads us to be sure that we will have a time of joy and prosperity, both health, economic and sentimental. All those sweetness of honey will be transferred to your life and environment.

However, it is important that you remember every detail that occurs in the dream, what you felt, where you were at that moment since those details will determine the meaning of the dream.

Meaning of dreaming about honey

The dream of honey relate it with beneficial things for our lives, however , and although it sounds contradictory is not always the case; That is why every detail will count to know what the dream will reveal to us.

  • Dreaming of honey from bees: it tells us about our health, which is optimal and perfect. If we are constantly dreaming of honey, it means that our work plan is in full swing. It is not about something random, but about perseverance.
  • Dreaming of honey in a honeycomb: it means that we have made a mistake in the workplace recently. Possibly we have taken advantage of a co-worker and that makes the subconscious
  • Honey spread on the floor or a surface: it warns us of health problems, we must take care of colds and people who have a contagious disease.
  • Dreaming that we eat honey: it tells us about health, love and desire to live. It can also mean that we are going through moments of depression but that it will pass to make way for good things.
  • Dreaming of jars of honey: it tells us that we are foresight, we prepare for bad times and we succeed in everything.
  • Lick honey: it predicts that we will soon marry the person we love so much.
  • To dream that honey falls from the sky: it promises many things to come, both in work, financial, personal and love matters.
  • Dreaming that we eat bread with honey: announces a pleasant life without many sacrifices.
  • Dreaming of honey but a bee comes out of it: it tells us that a child will give us immense joys.
  • To dream that it rains milk and honey or to milk we put honey: it portends abundance and prosperity.
  • Dreaming of bears trying to eat honey from a honeycomb: represents the fears and fears of losing belongings and goods, it is the reflection of the anguish experienced during the day by this issue.
  • To dream that we have honey in our hands: it promises us good health, an excellent moment in the work, personal, family and love plane. This dream is totally positive.
  • Dreaming that our body is smeared with honey: it indicates that we are living the best moment in our love life. In case of not having a partner, it does not predict that our better half will come very soon.
  • Dreaming of seeing others eat honey: it tells us about the bad communication that exists with our environment, repressing feelings, that is, we do not communicate everything that may be harming us or making us feel uncomfortable or sad.

Conclusion of dreaming about honey

The fact that honey comes from such industrious and persistent animals as bees, makes us relate dreaming of honey and perseverance in work and family matters, persisting to achieve the desired happiness. That sweetness that we look for in our lives.

Honey is so significant that even the newlyweds when they make the first trip as spouses, it is given the name of honeymoon, because it brings together all that sweetness and congratulations that the new couple expects, again we see how abundance, prosperity, sweetness, health and family well-being is intimately related to honey. They are all the wishes of a couple reflected in that nectar prepared by noble creatures.

Dreaming of honey makes us see that our life is surrounded by good and beautiful things, that beauty is the one that with effort we see spread it to others so that they can also enjoy the prosperity that we enjoy. Let’s remember that life is a boomerang, where what we give to the rest of the people is returned to us. That is why we should not send negative messages but quite the opposite.

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