Dreaming of iguanas means unidentified fears, moments in which you will feel fear but without knowing the reason, sometimes they are not physical dangers, they are mental. Iguanas are animals that like to sunbathe, and when we dream of animals that sunbathe it means a desire to overcome something that causes you uncertainty.

It is important to remember in detail what the animal does, that will help to interpret the dream in greater detail and give it the correct meaning.

Meaning of dreaming about iguanas

  • Dreaming of vigilant iguanas : if we see iguanas in a vigilant attitude in the dream, it means fear of an event that we will have to face.
  • Dreaming of iguanas that do not realize that we are present : this dream alerts us that we are surrounded by people who are not sensitive.
  • Dreaming of iguanas eating: they alert us that we will have a possible problem that will solve itself.
  • Dreaming of iguanas that attack us: if we defeat them, it means that if we are presented with a situation that is very difficult, we will be victorious, showing that reason will triumph over instincts.
  • Dreaming of large iguanas: it announces that the situation for which we feel great fear is approaching.
  • Dreaming of small iguanas: situations for which we feel uncomfortable we will have to face but that will not cause us any consequences.
  • Dreaming of a green iguana: a fear that we will be surprised and attacked.
  • To dream that an iguana kills you: it is very rare, this dream reveals to you that there is a person who does not sincerely appreciate you, they will have problems and she will be victorious over you, you will feel a lot of sadness in your life.
  • Dreaming of dead iguanas: you are going to have to face people who like you to be successful, you are going to be victorious and with great courage to be more successful in the future.
  • Dreaming about colorful iguanas : iguanas of various colors mean that your friends are sincere and that you frequent them more often.
  • Dreaming of being in a field with iguanas: it is the announcement of economic problems, caused by close people.
  • Dreaming of iguanas in your work: caution with your co-workers who will try to hinder you from achieving success and you will be betrayed in business matters, or monetary investments.
  • Dreaming of iguanas in your home: it means that you must take into account some truths that you have been told about issues of infidelity by your partner.
  • Dreaming of very tiny iguanas: they reveal past situations that have been left unfinished due to your lack of interest, and that can bring positive results in your life.
  • Dreaming of iguanas about you: it is a fear of a change that will benefit you, you must stop feeling insecure about it. It will benefit you to achieve what you need and want.
  • Dreaming that you buy an iguana: these are the changes you need to make in your life for the better.
  • To dream that you give a dead iguana to another person: it reflects that you are immature, you are not responsible, you download to other people what you have to do.
  • Dreaming of dead iguanas in your hands: they represent some decisions that you will make that will lead to conflicts, causing you to reflect and take into account that they have not been correct.
  • Dreaming of iguanas eating colorful and appetizing fruits: this is good news in your work environment because of the great effort you have made.
  • Dreaming of iguanas that eat other iguanas: they tell you that you are going to be in an environment where there is hypocrisy and envy.

Conclusions of dreaming about iguanas

Fears keep us from opportunities that will be beneficial to our lives both in the personal and professional spheres, many times we develop in environments where there are no good influences and we let ourselves be dragged, bringing negative consequences.

Changes always generate stress and anxiety but they are necessary to improve, taking advantage of opportunities are often the rewards for the effort we make every day. We will always find people who are upset that we achieve success and recognize us for that, but we must not allow that envy to reach us or be the cause to put dreams aside.

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