An action movie, a novel, a theatrical scene or even a news item on the news can cause something as horrible as a kidnapping to happen in your dreams. It is one of the most unpleasant dreams we can experience, because the feeling of helplessness and fear are indescribable. Today we talk about the meanings behind them and we explain how to solve possible problems with simple tips.

First of all, you must be clear that no matter how unpleasant dreams are, the associated meaning will not always be negative, or at least not as negative as you imagine. Many of these dreams are analyzed, when in reality they do not have any kind of message to convey and are mere copies of the environment of the dreamer. Only when they are dreams that really appear out of nowhere and go deep, will they be meaningful dreams.

In addition to helping you to better understand your problems, your concerns and most characteristic features, thanks to the interpretation of dreams you can even get to know what will happen in your life in a few hours, days or weeks. Being able to know what is coming is quite complex and is only achieved by mastering the interpretation of dreams. We are talking about a process that requires experience and a lot of reflection, because in order to unravel all the details that are obtained from dreams and relate them to real elements, it is necessary to stop and think and reach the most profound levels of analysis.

Meaning of dreaming about kidnapping

  • The general idea that is obtained from kidnapping in dreams is that of fear of lack of freedom or absolute control. This is a dream that unfortunately is repeated more and more and there are many people who for one reason or another are unable to become independent, live in the country they would like or work in what really interests them. This causes a great fear of lack of freedom, not being able to live the life you want or at least with the minimum comfort that you should. In some cases they do not have to be such great reasons, there may be a person in your life who controls or limits you in some way and this makes you feel tied. This tends to happen more in adolescents, who feel trapped and controlled by their parents.
  • To dream that someone from our environment or family is kidnapped, such as a brother, a father or a close friend, means that the fear in this case is to lose the bond that exists with that person. You may not remember who it was in the dream, but you must think until you find that special someone. If you do nothing about it, you will lose the relationship and you may regret it when it is no longer available. Our advice in this case is not to let pride make you lose such strong friendships or ties.
  • To dream that there is a kidnapping , whether you are the one affected or not, when you have financial problems in your real life, it is because you are really worried about it. As it is an economic issue, it is very likely that your concerns have a real reason to appear. If you have asked for a loan, have made a large expense or do not have the money you had, it is totally normal for fears to arise, in fact, it is a sign that partly shows your good sense. In some cases these people are controlling or they love to have everything in order, which would fit perfectly with this concern for a large amount of money.
  • A dream that usually generates a lot of discomfort is that of being a kidnapper . These dreams are a clear warning message for you to change your attitude. They usually appear in people who do not accept constructive criticism, people who consider their word as the only true one and who do not respect others most of the time. Most likely, you do not know how to work in a group and you have to make a great effort not to answer badly to others. This is something that only you can correct. It is clear that not all people who dream of being kidnappers will have the same problem or at least with the same severity. The best thing you can do is get help from people who really love you and reflect on your behavior in order to correct it.
  • Another way of dreaming about kidnappings is one in which you are the kidnapped but you also show yourself totally submissive to the kidnappers. Logically you feel great fear but your way of reacting to them shows your attitude in real life. This character is related to generous and good people who do not know how to say no or who are silent about injustices for fear of the consequences. We could then distinguish two types of people, the generous and the cowardly. In some cases, both traits may coincide, although it is less common.
  • To dream that you are going to be kidnapped and that you know it, that is, that you wait for the kidnappers is the most terrifying. It may seem like a scene out of the highest grossing movie but the truth is that many people come to have this chilling dream. The meaning of this dream is simpler than it seems, as it is about simple regrets. If you have had this dream it is because you have surely acted wrong and you know that the whole truth can be discovered. You do not have to think much to know what it is, so we recommend that you do not wait any longer and try to fix it or at least apologize to the people affected.
  • Finally, dreaming that you are kidnapped and that nobody pays the ransom they ask for you is a sign of insecurity or loneliness. You may not value yourself enough and for this reason you think that no one will pay your ransom or that you are a person who tends to be lonely and that is why you are partly afraid of being left without help if you need it. In both cases, it is convenient to look for trusted friends to have that support that no one else can provide.

Conclusion of dreaming about kidnappings

These dreams are quite chilling and can seriously affect the dreamer, because although most dreams are forgotten after a few hours, some of the most shocking dreams remain in our mind, reminding us of some of the messages that we have previously discussed. We hope we have helped you understand your dream and that you can fix your situation.

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