To dream of killer whales is to see the spiritual, killer whales with their black and white colors, evoke the internal struggle of the spirit and the ability to connect the subconscious with the conscious. These mammals have been considered ferocious and aggressive for many years, yet they have been found to be docile (remember “Free Willy”?).

This confusion in its nature helps us to interpret that when you dream of killer whales it is because you feel misunderstood, that is, people perceive you as something you are not.

Orcas dream meaning

  • Dreaming of orcas flying: it shows you that it is time to let go, let yourself flow, free yourself from heavy loads that were limiting you. It is time to fly away and be happy.
  • Dreaming of seeing the killer whale’s tail: when you see only the killer whale’s tail, it is because you have your emotions in balance. If you are a person who is strengthening his self-esteem and spirituality, this dream gives you signs that you are on the right track.
  • Dreaming of dead killer whales: talk about your personality, if you are a person whose vision is negative about things. That perspective prevents you from seeing beyond, to be able to achieve what you dream and long for. He also talks about negative changes that are coming.
  • Dreaming that you kill an orca: dreaming that you are the one who kills the orca, teaches you that soon you will have to make decisions, which will not be to your liking, they will be difficult, but you will be assertive with the one you choose.
  • Dreaming of attacking killer whales: if killer whales attack another animal in our dream, it means that we need a third person (it can be a friend or psychologist) to help us. If he attacks us, it is a wise way to know that you are misbehaving with those close to you.
  • Dreaming of killer whales approaching a ship: it is the sign that difficult times are approaching and our ship will be hit hard, before seeing the clear sky. If you see them swimming to the side, you will have support from your family in times of turbulence.
  • Dreaming of killer whales that spray water: it gives you a vision that you will soon make an important acquisition in your life. Thinking of buying a home? a car? On the best vacation of your life? Review the possibilities, avoid being taken by surprise.
  • Dreaming of beached killer whales: seeing beached killer whales or floating on the shore of the beach means that material abundance will be with us. Be wise, these times may be short, but you can take advantage of them to invest and increase your income.
  • Dreaming of friendly killer whales: Good luck! This is a sign that you will have prosperity and abundance company. Give thanks for it.
  • Dreaming of big killer whales: dreaming of big killer whales is a sign that you will have great obstacles in your life and the time is coming to present a battle to overcome them. So brace yourself, have courage, and confront them.
  • Dreaming of killer whales in the distance: Rejoice! Seeing killer whales in the distance in your dreams means that the old problems you had are leaving your life.
  • If I dream of killer whales in a pool: in this dream, if the killer whale is in a pool of clean water, it means that you are stuck in an area of ​​your life. If the water is dirty, you are stuck in an environment that is harmful to your emotions. Take advantage of this signal and analyze your life.
  • Dreaming that you are playing with killer whales – This dream alerts you to be more sociable with people. Get involved, in this world we can do nothing alone, it is always good to have a helping hand.
  • Dreaming of a killer whale eating fish: it is an indication that we are going to be victorious in the problems that are presented to us. No matter how many there are, we will stand firm.

Conclusion of dreaming about Orcas

When experiencing any of the types of dreams with killer whales, your first step is to review yourself: How do you feel internally? Answering this simple question will help you to continue to clarify the panorama, feeling sure of yourself, makes you recognize that any obstacle you can win and that only you are your greatest enemy.

Remember your inner self needs to be heard and shared. Start talking with others, just as killer whales have excellent communication with each other, so you can start to have.

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