As you already know, each element of dreams is essential when interpreting them. Well, in today’s article we come up with a topic that is the most popular and widespread in the world: kisses. Who has never dreamed of kissing someone! And it is that in the world of love, in dreams everything is possible.

When you are a teenager and hormones are more than revolutionized, dreaming that you kiss someone is very normal. However, already in adulthood these dreams are repeated in many cases and with the most curious and diverse interpretations. Do not miss any of them and find the one that most resembles your dream. In this way you will know if Cupid is on your side or life is preparing other surprises for you.

Meaning of dreaming about kisses

  • A strong desire to kiss someone in dreams translates into love disappointment. It is not a deception but it is true that you are not satisfied in your love life. It may be due to a lack of sexual relations or a bad connection in them. This may seem like just one aspect of a relationship, but being intimate is essential for a healthy relationship. Therefore, try to solve it through the word. Speaking people understand, and if you are delicate you can solve all problems.
  • In general, when you kiss someone in a dream it means that you have something pending. You have a thorn stuck and most likely it is a love affair. If you ever missed the opportunity to meet someone or kiss them or start something, it is very likely that now you have that curiosity in you. It is even possible that for whatever reason you were not entirely correct with someone and deep down you know that you acted badly. The best thing is that you try to fix it, no matter how long a forgiveness has passed, it never hurts.
  • To dream that someone kisses your hand , however polite it may seem, is about betrayal. A deception that will directly affect you and your environment. It does not have to be a person close to you, but you do know them already. Be careful with the disinterested gestures that you receive because they do not really hide good intentions.
  • In dreams, kissing a woman has a most curious meaning. It means that you will find some obstacles in your life, although they do not have to be serious or very worrying matters. You will simply have to face the obstacles you find and be smart enough not to let them prevent you from being happy.
  • When on the contrary it is a man who is kissed in dreams, something new is going to begin. It can be from a love relationship to a new stage in an existing relationship. The important thing is to know that a change will take place in your love life and it will benefit you.
  • If you kiss the person you love in the dark , even if it is not reciprocated, it is because you should not trust that person very much. If you are together, be careful and make sure of their fidelity, but if you are not together yet, the best thing is that you do not have great illusions yet. It is not entirely clear that this person suits you.
  • Kissing a person of the same sex is often associated with potential problems in your friendships. Although it is also true that if you remember that person and it is someone you really love, it is a simple sign of your love. In these dreams, the feeling during the kiss matters a lot, even more than the place where you kiss. When it comes to dreams, kisses on the cheek for example can be just as sincere and romantic as on the lips.
  • If you have kissed someone who has died in a dream , it is a sign of good luck. It may seem something sinister or strange but the truth is that it is pure affection. Many times it is simply the love we feel for that person that makes us want to see them again and show our affection. Do not worry because you are going to have a stroke of luck that will surely change your life and help you get ahead.
  • Kissing a boy or girl is totally positive. Children are a sign of purity, goodness and innocence. In this case the presence of children is pure tenderness. You are a good person and you know how to take care of the people you care about, therefore, life responds with good luck. Some other pleasant surprise you will have at this stage of your life.
  • If dreaming you remember seeing a couple of children kissing , you will have a double stroke of luck. Both in your professional, personal or family life you are going to be very lucky. It is true that although this dream augurs good luck, not everything is a matter of chance, because you have worked hard to get where you are. Enjoy your well-deserved reward.
  • If you have dreamed that you kissed your mother and she was pleased, everything will be fine. If, on the other hand, you especially remember your mother’s reaction as something negative, it is very likely that you have done something wrong and your conscience consumes you. In the latter case, you know that you have acted badly with someone and you must fix it in order to be at peace with yourself. Mothers are figures of respect and in these types of dreams they make you see the flaws in your behavior.
  • Kissing a brother or sister is once again a sign of happiness. The love between siblings is one of the strongest and although in some families it breaks, usually it is able to bear differences and all kinds of problems. In a matter of days you will begin to enjoy great happiness both as a family and on a personal level.

As if this were not enough, we still have two more categories to develop. As you will understand, in these dreams there are some more elements that are key when interpreting them. For this reason, we first explain their meanings depending on who is kissing and later according to the area that is kissed.

  • As we have already mentioned, kissing a deceased person is interpreted as a sign of protection. If that person was very close to you, it is most likely that now he is taking care of you and therefore, your luck will change. You will have a guardian angel who will watch over your well-being.
  • Kissing a complete stranger is often associated with lust and desire. Either you have your desires oppressed and you need to fulfill your fantasies or it is only about affection and what you need is a support on which to hold. It doesn’t have to be a sexual issue but sometimes what we really want is to receive some sincere affection.
  • Kissing yourself in dreams is the strangest thing, but as we always explain, it is possible. This is nothing more than a demonstration of your self-respect. Nobody loves you more than yourself and you know it. You are a strong person with a very difficult self-esteem to undermine.

According to the area that is kissed in dreams:

  • Kissing on the forehead translates into pure love. There is no more sincere love than that, but make no mistake, it doesn’t have to be between couples. If you have dreamed that you kissed a relative like your father, your brother or any other close person on the forehead, it is because you really love that person and you would do anything to help or protect them.
  • Kisses on the feet are a sign of submission or sexual attraction. It may be a love based on obedience and respect or a relationship in which physical attraction causes sparks to fly and is superior to all other aspects.

Conclusion of dreaming about kisses

So far the meaning of dreams with kisses. As you will see, there are many types of cases and situations, but as you will understand, it is one of the most recurrent situations when we are sleeping. Discover the meaning of your dream and discover what they really say about you.

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