Every night we dream and each dream is totally different, although we do not always remember that we dream. Dreaming of lemons , or any other fruit can be a very important dream for us. Are you curious to know the meaning of the dream you had?

Everything that passes through our subconscious while we dream, can become the solution to many questions that we have not been able to answer when awake. For this reason, the human being has always been behind the meaning of dreams, in all times and all civilizations.

Meanin of dreaming about lemons

Dreaming of fruits is generally linked to well-being or harmony, but detailing a little more the fruits that we have seen in dreams, we can assure you that dreaming of lemons  is not always  associated with prosperity.

For this reason, it is important to learn to interpret the messages of the subconscious, since not all dreams about lemons have the same meaning. We can dream of green or yellow lemons , sweet or sour, many or few lemons, large or small, and every detail is important:

  • Dreaming of green lemons is an omen or a sign of hope and optimism, although it can also be interpreted as that you must make certain decisions in a more conscious and mature way than you have been doing.
  • If we cut lemons , it is possible that we are suffering from physical problems, perhaps due to lack of exercise. Take half an hour a day to walk or bike.
  • If we dream of a plantation of lemons , it indicates that we are going to have great success in the next business we start, that we are going to make money, and it will be the beginning of a boom time.
  • If we are selling lemons , it means that economic problems are coming, so it will be better to be forewarned and start saving.
  • Dreaming of yellow lemons has two interpretations: it can represent joy, happiness and full happiness, or it can indicate that you are a person who enjoys being the center of attention and you get upset when you are not, so you can be a bit self-centered.
  • If lemons fall from a tree, it is an indication of fear of loss. They can be loss of friendships, financial or sentimental.
  • If a rotten lemon appears , you are probably currently in trouble. It is important to act maturely to leave behind the fears that consume you. Perhaps you feel that you missed great opportunities that you did not know how to take advantage of.
  • A dream in which you see lemons means that we are going to have a health problem, but it will be something without seriousness and temporary like a cold or the flu. We must be prepared just in case.
  • A dream in which you cut lemons is a sign that you are going through situations to which you do not know how to respond. Perhaps you have a lot of stress and this is affecting you, weakening your body and affecting your physical and mental well-being.
  • To dream that you are given lemons is a warning that new friends will come into your life, and they will be good people you can trust. They will make you feel more secure and will raise your self-esteem.
  • If the lemons are dry , it is a sign that you are feeling vulnerable and you are losing confidence and faith in yourself. It is advisable to trust the people who esteem you and ask them for help, they will support you and you will not feel so lonely.
  • A dream squeezing lemons is indicative of financial problems, and almost certainly our fault, not controlling expenses and being irresponsible with money. You must control yourself if you don’t want to get into trouble in the future.
  • Dreaming that we buy lemons is interpreted as an announcement of diseases that are coming, not necessarily to ourselves, it can be to family members or very close people.

Conclusion of dreaming about lemons

In summary, generally dreaming of lemons indicates that we will be full of vitality and good health, that perseverance and determination will allow you to achieve success and prosperity. This dream is related to the character and attitude we have to make a decision.

Dreaming of lemons and their meaning will depend on the type of lemons that appear in the subconscious plane, so you have to remember the colors, sizes, and situations, as well as consider the context and feelings of the dreamer.

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