It is quite common that during a dream some foods are part of them, that they are even the center of attention of the dream. However, this can bring a lot of curiosity, dreaming of lentils specifically indicates that you are close to seeing yourself involved in very important decisions in your life.

Experts in analyzing dreams suggest that dreaming about lentils is a warning of processes of changes in life, whether they are for better or for worse. These changes can be related to work, family, the sentimental sphere or any plane of your life itself.

What is lentils dreams meaning?

  • Dreaming that you eat lentils : this dream can be interpreted in two different ways, on the one hand, it can mean that you are trusting the wrong people, that someone around you is unreliable for you, you have hidden intentions to harm you and may even use your flaws or the things you have told to hurt yourself.

On the other hand, many think that lentils are a sign of abundance and good fortune, so if in a dream with lentils you are eating these, it is likely that you are in a time of great prosperity, where you will not need things Central to your life, lentils primarily represent the home and the food in it.

  • Dreaming of raw lentils : raw lentils in dreams represent the good things that are about to happen in your life, especially achievement in the economic sphere, it is likely that in the days next to the dream you will obtain large profits from your work or ideas will arise. through which you will achieve good fortune.
  • Dreaming of cooked lentils – it is a warning dream to make decisions in another direction in life, you are probably going the wrong way. It is time to set new goals, new projects and determine new directions in your life, it is possible that you find yourself in social circles that cause you displeasure.
  • Dreaming of lentils and rice : this is a dream with lentils is a bad omen, it means that you are about to go through a bad time in terms of the objectives you have, but not everything is bad, although you will suffer tears, when you get out of that stumble you will achieve what You have proposed so much and you will be able to live a full life.
  • To dream that you wash lentils : it is the representation of the liberation of those annoyances that afflict your life, the safest thing is that you are ready to leave behind all those resentments that you feel and begin to live a life in peace and harmony with yourself and with others. the rest.
  • To dream that you find yourself cooking lentils : cooking lentils represents that you have fallen into the game of a bad person for your life, it reflects that, perhaps unconsciously, you find yourself causing discord and generating envy in other people.

If the lentils in your dream are being cooked in a stew then you are going to have a reconciliation with someone, you will make peace with a relative or any conflict that you have will come to an end, the lentils in the stew represent peace within the family environment.

  • Dreaming that you keep lentils : this reveals that you are distrusting those people who, if they have good intentions with you, is also a warning for you to analyze the things you are doing and try to believe in people who do want to support you in life.
  • Dreaming of sowing lentils : this dream reveals that the fruits that you have sown in the past are going to start to give their harvest, your work will be appreciated and will give it the value it deserves.
  • To dream that you throw lentils : this dream reflects that you are going to make a very big failure in your life and that you will be involved in dilemmas of how to solve it.

Conclusion of dreaming about lentils

Dreaming of lentils finally represents some area of ​​your life. They represent the fact of going through periods of doubt or mistrust. These dreams with lentils also invite you to start a new path to your renewal and leave behind all those people who may be harming you.

To understand and identify the message behind the lentils, you must consider every detail of the dream, how they are presented and what things you are doing with them.

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