When you have given up dreaming of letters and you are certain that it was not a random dream, you feel that your inner self tries to give you a message through this channel so that you can be aware of a situation, the best thing is not to stay with the doubt and try to find out as precisely as possible, what your conscience is implying with that dream.

Cards are a very common object and you can observe it daily so it may be a coincidence that you have had that dream with this object or it may not.

Meaning of dreaming about letters

Mostly the interpretation that I know when you tend to dream about letters we have to take into account our state of mind for the moment that we have that experience. Dreams always have a general interpretation, but to obtain a more personal interpretation we must be aware of the context and elements that occurred in the dream.

When we dream of letters we must know that, just as there are a variety of letters, so can the interpretations of the dreams that we have. This is why we have different scenarios about this type of dreams, so we will decipher the most common ones.

  • When we dream of clubs, we have to interpret it as the determination and effort that it takes us to fight for our dreams and all the willpower necessary to keep the goals we set alive.
  • On the other hand, when we dream of drinks it has more to do with sensitivity and everything that has to do with personal and sentimental relationships and gives us free rein to activate our goals and improvements in that specific aspect. It also has to do with the spontaneity that you must have to achieve a goal.
  • When we dream of cards of spades it has to do with acting before the goals and commitments that we have set for ourselves, grasping the necessary forces to really focus on our objectives and thus find a solution to the problems that prevent us from achieving these objectives.
  • When you dream of gold cards , obviously it has to do with your financial well-being and with everything that has to do with economic matters and with all the scope that we can achieve if we have good economic power.

Conclusion of dreaming about cards

Already being certain of what each type of card has meant, and speaking in a global way, the cards have a meaning of luck, of the things that we leave to chance so that they turn out as we want, but, as well as they can turn out well. you run with the bad luck that they go wrong.

Or also dreaming of letters can be an approach or message that our subconscious and it will depend on the entire context that frames these dreams, as well as the type of letter will have something to do with the number of it. So we have to take into account all these details when giving an interpretation.

The cards can also be a complement more than the protagonist of your dream, so other details enter such as with whom you are playing cards or it also represents a fight in the intellectual or competitive area with another person, more if it is with someone nearby is vitally important.

On the other hand, dreaming of cards can also mean feeling cheated or being aware of the moves that the other makes or being very careful that they are not cheating you. So it can also mean that you are afraid that said person will betray you or fall into their deception.

If in another case you are the one who is looking to cheat, it has to do with the fact that you do not feel comfortable with your attitude or you feel that you are acting badly in a situation. If in the dream you are performing a magic trick with cards to a close person, it means that you are taking advantage of this person and your conscience is letting you know.

There are many good and bad interpretations so carefully study the one that best suits your situation.

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