The lizard is a small reptile that constantly appears in our homes, so it should not surprise you that you come to dream of it. Taking into account that there are different types of these animals, dreaming of lizards can have negative and positive meanings, this will depend not only on the characteristics of the animal in the dream, but also on the environment where it is found.

Dream interpreters give the lizard a meaning that has to do with the rational type character, but many times they are given to warn you of the weaknesses that you must overcome when facing the challenges that life brings you.

meaning of dreaming about lizards

As in all cases in which you want to interpret your dreams, it is necessary that you carefully remember all the details of the dream where this reptile intervened, for many people who do not like reptiles and crawling animals, they may think that they had more than a dream, a nightmare.

  • When you dream of a lizard that is climbing a wall or tree, this can be interpreted that the dreamer will obtain the expected successes.
  • When the dreamer is seen killing the lizard this is commonly interpreted as that the dreamer is fighting a bad reputation or the attempt not to lose his fortune, the love or friendship of a very close person.
  • The lizard is the symbol against impulsiveness, so dreaming of lizards may be that you are on the way to fulfilling your dreams, but you need a bit of spontaneity and emotion in your life.
  • Many times the lizard appears in the dreams of people who have run out of illusions in life and come to feel empty, it occurs in people who suffer from depression
  • This dream is also recurrent in people with great power of adaptation and serenity when facing various situations that endanger your stability.
  • When you see the lizard enter your home and you see this as a threatening event for your stability, it may try to anticipate family and partner fights that will lead to emotional lows.
  • When you dream of a lizard walking on your clothes, it indicates that a sad moment is coming, some disappointment or the illness of a person close to you, this mostly in case of being a woman. Now, if you are a man and you dream about this, it means that your adversaries are looking for a way to harm your life.
  • If you dream of dead lizards, this means that you need to forget some dark part of your past that is haunting you and does not let you make a rational decision, you are afraid to commit or you have already made a serious mistake.
  • When dreaming of a lizard without a tail, it can indicate that you are someone who is with a high level of vulnerability at a general level, since their feelings are exposed.

Seeing it from another perspective may indicate that you are activating your defense mechanisms, as you fight against the adversities that arise and seek a solution.

  • If the lizards become aggressive, try to bite you or see that they are accompanied by another animal such as snakes, toads or iguanas, you may feel that they are trying to betray you.
  • If you dream of black and white lizards it indicates that you use rationality and have your feet on the ground, these colors represent the positive and negative aspects, for this reason, you are a person who knows how to control their emotions and you keep yourself in an appropriate balance. .
  • If, on the other hand, this animal is walking through your home, from one side to the other it runs along the ceilings and walls, it means that there is a family conflict that is without solution and you must calmly seek the solution to this, with the purpose to prevent this situation from disturbing you.

Conclusion of dreaming about lizard

As you can see, the lizard can represent multiple positive and negative situations, as well as traits of your personality that strengthen or harm you, it should be noted that the colors of the lizards are extremely important when interpreting a dream of this type.

In turn, it is necessary to take into account the number of lizards that appear in the dream.

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