If you dream, you are alive, every reality that we live is represented, in a dream and even more so our desires. They represent each experience and stage and even emotion, if you have frequent dreams then you have many signs to discover every day, and many goals to meet.

Each and every one of the information that is in the subconscious belongs to everyday life and daily living, problems, plans, projects and desire, all this is represented by images that show all the answers and outputs to what we think and even what We ask, our dreams should focus on interpreting them and knowing how to live and face all daily situations.

Man, defining it, only brings to speak immensely from its origin, religion, in short, dreaming of men has multiple meanings of experiences and studies that as a consequence of quantum physics, coincide in many times, and parts of the world.

This is why the  man considered as people who are in the proximity of life, can have as many meanings as circumstances that accompany or must be interpreted carefully and calmly, taking into account that decisions must be made from rationality and not from the emotionality of an event or circumstance.

Meanings of dreaming about men

  • Dreaming of men: the meaning of dreaming of a man depends on the wishes and desires of the person, it all depends on the relationship with whom he is dreaming and what are his emotions, what he has lived and what he expects, expectations and projections.
  • Dreaming of seeing acquaintances: Represents the figure that the man with whom you dream, if this dream is known, represents the fear or insecurity that this represents.
  • Dreaming of a man crying: represents that better times are coming in the circumstances of life.
  • Dreaming of unknown men: if you dream of an unknown man, favorable changes are coming, it is also the announcement of good and favorable news for all situations in life.
  • Dreaming of attractive men: this dream is very symbolic represents that you can have control of success in your hands of the current circumstance.
  • Dreaming of men smiling: it means that you will have more confidence in everything you decide and so what you achieve will be the product of your wise decisions.
  • Dreaming of a dead man: it is interpreted as unexpected situations, but you can solve them, it is important not to give up on your potential to decide and be successful.
  • Dreaming of fat men:  if in your dream, a chubby man appears, do not be scared, it can be interpreted as problems arising from decisions that you must face and make from your environment, but your persistence will help you get ahead, next stages of abundance will come into your life.
  • Dreaming of men dressed in white: this dream indicates that you have a lot of intelligence and great intuition, you should not trust yourself but rather work and accept the most convenient signals to follow.
  • Dreaming of black men: it means that it represents that times are approaching where negativity can affect you, you are the one who decides what decision you make if you stop or continue working for your progress.
  • Dreaming of unknown men who have love for you: if you dream of a man you do not know but loves you, it means that your need to seek love and acceptance is reflected, that is, it is somewhat confusing, you can seek love where it is not or your expectations are very high with respect to your reality.
  • Dreaming of a man who is your boyfriend: portends that you need affection, love, attention and that you want it greatly, you must be cautious and not make hasty decisions to choose a special person.

Conclusions of dreaming about men

It is very symbolic and confusing, it is linked to feelings, emotions, expectations, internal struggles, desires, conflicts and desires, everything that governs the feelings and emotional stability of the individual, which is indisputably affected by their insecurity, is an internal work daily.

If many men appear in your dreams are signs that you must interpret in a positive and not so negative way, remember that everything you interpret conditions your decisions and future actions that govern your heart, prevailing values, feelings, love, desires and emotions.

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