Marriage is a happiness for the spouses and their relatives and even the closest people, however, when dreaming of marriage is not a concept of happiness or peace, since a tragedy is being prevented or warning of something bad that is about to happen and has no return.

The best way in these cases is to be attentive to all the indications and warnings of life and above all, to what leads to a bad personal result or that of the couples closest to the person who had the dream.

The idea is not to be scared, but to be cautious

When we give the news to people of what their dream means, they are always startled and even frightened by what will happen in the relationship with their partner, but this does not mean that the relationship should go bad, but that there is a dislike that is on its way and has some tears in store.

It may be so and it may not, dreams are not exact, since many times the person does not remember the details of what they actually dreamed, but do not be fooled, you must be attentive to anything.

Dreaming of marriage is a way of seeing beyond what one has and leads to a bad omen, yes, but also on many occasions another type of meaning can be presented, for example, that the person is nervous because he is going to marry soon.

Do you mean that dreaming about marriage is not so bad?

Dreaming of marriage means a bad omen or unpleasantness and according to some details of the dream it can also mean a deliberate change which has been expected for a long time.

Dreams are not bad, the bad thing is the perspective with which they are defined, since people are of different personalities and each dream gives a very different meaning than another can give it.

It all depends on how it looks and what you want. Now, weddings in real life are a good omen and imply the infinity of an emotion such as love, therefore it is good to deduce what the person wants and what is happening in his life.

In this way you will get a detailed report of what the dream means. In addition, dreaming of marriage is always going to be a contradictory way to what is believed of it in terms of decisions in society.

In other words, dreaming of the devil means something good, when the devil is a symbol of evil and dreaming of marriage represents something bad when it is true that the marriage is good. They are contradictory things but this is the world of magic and the meanings in terms of dreams.

Will I be able to continue my life as before?

It is obvious that a dream cannot make a dent in your life or in your mind, you must continue your life as before because it depends on that you are happy, although there are bad things in our lives that are inevitable, also remember that good things are present even in bad times, since we learn from all that.

Being negative will not help anything and will not contribute anything of what we want, for example, if we start crying without consolation we will enter a severe depression followed by active anxiety and it is not ideal.

If dreaming of marriage puts you like this, it is best that you visit the best doctor in psychology so that you do not continue to decline. Our serious recommendation at this time – free yourself – is the ideal way to advance as it should and not be aware of what is said outside our environment, whether it is from us or not.

Live as intensely as possible that is what you should do and if bad things are coming, either with you or with people close to you, enjoy the moment and what is going to happen happens; don’t succumb to a deplorable state of mind and be as strong as ever.

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