The world of dreams is fascinating, and this is demonstrated by the interpretations that are completely correct in most cases and also help people to know themselves better. Getting one of these interpretations is not as simple as it seems, as there is a great deal of work on the part of psychoanalysts who dedicate themselves to breaking down dreams in order to understand the problems or circumstances of the dreamer. In this case we are talking about dreams with mice.

Despite being harmless rodents, these animals generate great fear among most people. This fear can be related by its similarity to rats, animals that can pose a greater risk to people. Here we tell you all the messages that these dreams with mice say about you.

Meaning of dreaming about mice

  • In general, dreaming about mice , like rats, is a kind of alarm in which your mind tries to warn you about something. There is someone or several people who are going to bring you problems, they are people who want to hurt you and if you get lost a little they will get it. Keep your eyes open and don’t let anyone take advantage of your goodness.
  • Dreaming that you kill a mouse is a sign of improvement. We have seen this case before in other animals, and it is that when you are able to end what bothers you it is because in your real life you will be able to overcome all the problems that arise. You are a strong person who also never gives up and fights to the end because you know that stones always appear along the way and giving up is useless.
  • When several mice appear in your dream it is because some uncomfortable or negative situations will appear in the next few days. If you have a partner, it is very likely that you have some discussion or other recently, so you should be the softest or you will have serious problems. At work in your friends you may also find some behavior or gesture that you do not like, it is in your hands to show your opinion or be silent. We recommend that you always express what you think but always with the greatest respect and calm as possible.
  • Eating mice is a pretty unpleasant dream but unfortunately more people than you imagine have it. This dream is quite interesting, as it means that even you know that you have done something wrong. You are not satisfied with the way you act and you know that you cannot continue like this. Although it is very unpleasant, it is a partly positive dream, since accepting the problem is the first step to change and solve it. If you are trying to hurt someone you are going to have to eliminate all negative thoughts and try to be fair, no one deserves no matter how badly they have acted on anyone wishing them bad all the time. If you let it go, you will feel better about yourself and your conscience will be much calmer.
  • When a small mouse appears in your dream and you avoid touching or picking it up, it is because you are a very shy person with problems relating to others. The truth is that mice are very fearful animals that do not seek contact with people at all, since they fear us even more than we fear them. This is a good dream to start to lose your shame and show your true personality.
  • Finally, if what you saw in the dream is a little mouse, it is because you are a frivolous person. Often times selfish is also one of your traits, so you have a lot of inner work to do. As a person you have a long way to go before you can feel good and be accepted by others, because even if you have people around you who want to love you, you still don’t know what it is to have friends, and this is due to your personality.

Conclusion of dreaming about mice

The good thing about dreaming about mice is that they help you get to know yourself better and make you reflect on your behavior. We do not always accept criticism from others, no matter how constructive they may be, so nothing better than a dream like these discussed here to open your eyes to reality. We hope we have helped you change the negative in your life and that now you can begin to be truly happy.

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