Like every individual, you do your daily routine of getting up and getting ready to attend your daily tasks, you look in the mirror to look your best, but this time, you have had to dream of a mirror, do you know what its interpretation is?

In many times, having these types of dreams is a way for your subconscious to tell you that you need to spend time with yourself, both emotionally and spiritually, you may be going through bad times and the only thing your mind is that you relax and take things in the best way.

Meaning of dreaming of a mirror

  • Dreaming of a mirror: we have all heard the famous saying that a mirror is what allows us to see our reflection of the soul. But, the mirror gives us the facility of being able to observe ourselves as other people look at us, exposing all the defects that the human eye sees, your dream wants to tell you not to give so much importance to those “defects” and to worry more about Who you really are than what you try to be
  • To dream that you see yourself in a mirror : we all have defects, that is clear, the mirror teaches you what they are, but it also gives you the signal that this does not make you less than anyone else, and that you should not give it the importance that you give it, just being yourself without wanting to change anything about yourself.
  • Dreaming that you are breaking a mirror: This type of event is always related to bad luck and a cloudy future, but in dreams it does not have the same interpretation.

In the event that it is you who is in charge of breaking the mirror, it means that perhaps you want to end the image you have of yourself, that you think you have or that third parties may have towards you, that you disagree with yourself and not you want to continue having the same image.

  • Dreaming of a mirror that does not have a reflection: it reflects an individual with low self-esteem, who does not feel anything, and sometimes he himself believes that he is not present in the world. Maybe you still don’t know yourself well enough and you don’t know how the other people around you can observe you.
  • Dreaming of seeing yourself reflected is a mirror: This type of dream can be interpreted as that your subconscious is constantly thinking about the being that you carry inside. The reflection or the image that can be seen in the mirror is the way you perceive yourself or how you want society to see it.
  • Dreaming of a broken mirror: bad news, the death of a being you love very much will come soon, and there is nothing that can prevent it.
  • Dreaming that our partner is reflected in a mirror: this refers to you and your partner, you both know that things between you are not quite right, and you know something, but you do not want to comment on it as it could end in severe discussions that could only be make the situation worse.
  • Dreaming that you look at yourself in the mirror : if when looking at ourselves we can see that our image is clearly reflected, this represents union and the possibilities of achieving a good and clear public image, a popular name.

On the other hand, if looking at your reflection causes you anxiety, it means that there are parts of your life that you fear will come to light, for fear of what they may say about you.

  • Dreaming of a broken mirror : If a mirror breaks during a dream, it is because that reflection is yourself, wanting to end and break with the image that everyone has of you, and change in every way.
  • Dreaming of many mirrors: dreaming of many mirrors represents the concern we have about the world around us, we usually do things without much importance and without paying the attention it should.

Conclusion of dreaming of a mirror

When dreaming of a mirror, you will be able to realize that they have a good reputation in fairy tales and ancient stories, since they made known the past, present and future of the characters, how they really were and how they were considered in public.

That is, the same thing happens with us, it can reflect how we are or how we would like to be, from giving us a sharp image of ourselves to the false appearances that we try to give only to break the image that we have been seeing for years.

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